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I also thought of Little Foot. emotion_kirakira
I didn't even read the description, but reading it now makes me want it even more! emotion_bigheart
I want one sooo bad! X3
Little Foot was my favorite among the gang. biggrin Although, I only really liked the first movie.
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I nostalgia'd when I saw the announcement...for like 5 seconds.

I was a huge fan of those movies when I was a kid but I have no interest in this Gaia item.
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gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
Not a huuuge fan of the item;
but adored the nostalgia trip it induced.
I was in love with those movies.
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Lady Ouija
Lady Ouija
First thing I thought! LOVE IT! <3
It's so adorable. ; u;

I looooooooove your sig art, it's awesome and you're awesome for being awesome! <333

Thank you ; u ;
& you are awesome!

Awww! 4laugh

I always forget that emote exists, must use it in the future! emotion_awesome
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I was a little bummed there was no clothing item this time.
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lol thought the same thing as well. It is a cute companion item.
I love dinos
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This literally made my day seeing this. I can't wait to get one. I just hope we can get more like this later, or just more dinosaurs in general.
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Consulting Time Lord
Can they just make a prehistoric themed RIG and have dinosaurs and coelacanths and everything and ffff–

Oh, I'd totally go for an RIG like that! Maybe with a Jurassic Park motif where they'd all been cloned back to life? cat_rofl

Anyway, on topic, yeah, I was so happy to see the new dinosaur! cat_whee Dinosaurs are the best thing EVER!
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Yes, and double yes. I did think of Little Foot when I saw 'long-neck'.

I want one emotion_kirakira
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I got lucky as hell ^^ heart I thought of Little Foot and I had to get it, first try on the box and I got it.
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Oh gee yes, I saw that and immediately thought, "Littlefoot!" heart
So cute, and in my favorite color too! I am definitely going to get one, somehow.

To this day, I still don't know what half the dinosaurs are actually named because of those movies. Bronta-something? NOPE. Long-necks. talk2hand
Here's the announcement

I can't be the only one that thought of Little Foot (Land Before Time), right? emotion_kirakira
I mean, even the description is a reference: An adorable herbivore revived from the past! His favorite thing to eat are tree stars. You have some prehistoric greenery on you, don't you?

Tree stars emotion_kirakira
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Also, what do you think of the dinosaurs that they've been adding to the Crystal Box?
I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE dinosaurs, and these two (Apato and Nodlomu) are just SO well done..I'm surprised they don't cost more (supply and demand) but I guess not a lot of people actually have uses for these?

I'm actually surprised at the quality of items they've been adding to the Crystal Box. I loved the cockatiel one with that sweet hat...And the recent Ocean Sonata item as well...AND NOT THIS.
OMG I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I LOVE DINOSOURS AND THE COLOR PURPLE PERFRCT FOR ME BUT I CANT GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying crying crying THERE SO EXSPENSIVE AND I STINK AT CHANCE ITEMS (sorry my caps was on forgot to turn it off dont want to go back and rewrite it)
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Excuse me, my inner child is coming out.

OhMiGosh LITTLE FOOT! I love Land Before Time, I watched them all the time, and I even have a LittleFoot plush that I slept with and its still at my moms place and I NEED this!

I absolutely love this little guy. emotion_kirakira Sauropods are my favorite dinosaurs, I am a fan of purple, and he is cute as heck! Oddly enough, I seem to be the only one who didn't make the Land Before Time connection... I guess I've been watching and playing too much Dinosaur King and Fossil Fighters recently. emo

Oh my, and I do have a crystal box too! I wonder if I should open it... although with my luck, I'd probably get the least interesting item out of it. sweatdrop
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Zana Bonanza

Actually, the original name is the Apatosaurus--also known as the Brontosaurus. [See also: Sauropods]

This is where they got his name from. x]

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