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Want Johnny K. Gambino back?

YES! 0.36206896551724 36.2% [ 42 ]
Maybe.... 0.24137931034483 24.1% [ 28 ]
NO. 0.39655172413793 39.7% [ 46 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
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I'll admit it.

I want Johnny Gambino back.

I miss my crazy Gaia world.

And it's completely incomplete without our powerhorse psychotic megalomaniac.


Am I the only one??

Let's face it, Johnny K. Gambino wouldn't stand for half of the s**t going on in the plot right now. There'd be no vampire cult members running around, hostile takeover attempts by dark elves.

Overseer and Sentinel wouldn't have kidnapped his son and took him on a dangerous roadtrip clear around the freakin globe.

And we sure as hell wouldn't have to put up with Diedrich. stressed

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He's like a cockroach you think you've killed him, but he just keep coming back.
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Every year, regardless of origin or history, youth or agelessness, power or passion, new idiots will arise to vie for the Idiot Throne pushed before them come Hallows Eve and X-Mas morning. The Idiot Throne is full of Idiot Ideas that fill the head with cotton and pee, with delusions of grandeur and conquering of nations.

Regardless of who sits upon the Chair of Stupid, there will always be s**t to be flung.
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

Thank goodness I'm not the only one that think about this too. @_@

Is it sad that I miss also the comedy that were in the comics as well? ._. I mean, I still laugh at the part where Ian was thinking some diabolical ideas while slicing some bread. xD

But yeah, It's like all of the magic of comedy all faded away when Gambino died. emo

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I think Gambino is synonymous with Gaia. We need the big guy back!
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As idiotic it all was with Gambino around, I miss the comedy.
I want the craziness that is Gambino back, but not Johnny himself. Let the poor man rest in peace. emo

The currently vampires vs elves just isn't crazy enough. Luca had better be accidentally summoning something like Lust Demons, so that we can have some wacky Valentinoween this year.

A bit more seriously, I do appreciate the work everyone is putting into the story for this year, but I do miss the wacky a bit. Gaia in synonymous with wacky events.
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I'm still having trouble believing he's actually dead. I mean, how many times did he "die" before this? sweatdrop
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Wait wait wait... Gaia has had a plot going? I mean, I know it did previously sorta kinda, but, people paid attention to it?!
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Perfect Pumpkin

Wait wait wait... Gaia has had a plot going? I mean, I know it did previously sorta kinda, but, people paid attention to it?!
More than they currently do.
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I wrote "GAMBINO LIVES" all over the survey they gave me at the Otakon panel rofl

Maybe they'll take a hint?
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Barton Senshi

          One minor correction Sen and Overseer didn't kidnap Gino. He stowed away willingly. Yes, the trip is dangerous but he became a willing crew member of the good ship GOSH. Did he know where they were going to travel to? Not until now he didn't.

          I kind of like that Johnny is gone and staying gone. It's not that I didn't like him but that this time they're not backing down. Gaia site lore says in the beginning Johnny represented VO's dad and Gino was VO in the world of Gaia. The first time he died, from what people who are long gone from the site have said, was around the time VO's own father died. It was significant that Johnny died the first time. When he died there was pretty much a similar outcry and after some time VO brought him back. This time I'm glad they're not giving in to the people asking for Johnny to come back.

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Um, not... really. The first time he "died" it was pretty clear he was going to come back. And it was glorious! Soooo basically we're just waiting for things to get glorious again.

So far, no luck.
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Zweizi Galon

Overseer and Sentinel wouldn't have kidnapped his son and took him on a dangerous roadtrip clear around the freakin globe.

But I like Diedrich. And Gino going on a trip happened when Gambino was still alive.
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He already came back to life after being apparently dead before. I feel it would be stupid to have it happen again.

...Plus I never really liked him. razz

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