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      ... What do I quest for first? Or after that one?

      Do you guys have this problem? You accumulate a good amount of items in your wishlist but when you finally go to start questing for one, you have no idea where to start. You like all the items but which one first? OH THIS ONE WILL LOOK GOOD WITH MY CURRENT AVATAR? But I'll be changing it soon. gonk And ooh, there's this item but it's kinda expensive, though I really want it. AND OMG WHAT ABOUT THIS ITEM? I'VE BEEN EYEING IT SINCE IT CAME OUT.

      I hate wanting so many items, I have no idea where to start so I just save gold up until I have enough for something then start over. How about you guys?

      How do you choose what item to quest for?
      Do you have an endless wishlist? @____@
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I usually just buy the things I want. I don't really have to quest for
things. The only thing I do quest for is accumulating more gold.
Those are my goals. Every 25 mil. Like how many quarters in a
dollar? Four. So.. I view gold as like.. every 25 mil I'm closer to my
dollar. LOL I'm crazy like that.

But I guess that's why I'm glad I have a lot. I can just buy the things
I want without having to quest hard for things. With the amount of new
items I want and like.. I'm glad to be in that kind of place. Or else I'd
be ripping my hair out.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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1. Can I make an avatar with this item at this moment?
Yes ->
2.Can I use it for more than than one Avatar?
-- Yes-> Buy it
-- No->TekTek; Return to step 2.

No -> Don't buy it.
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I just buy whatever item I like

because I make enough gold as it is from the provision of various services, and nice guys wink
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Quest for "The Mistake" It would suit you well.
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I have that problem. I used to just save up gold until I had a good amount, and then see what I could afford, but when I did that it just resulted in buying a load of cheaper items and never getting around to buying more expensive stuff.

I just picked the item that I though would be the easiest to use in a lot of avatars. It seems to be working because I'm almost there now.
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Nah, eventually you reach this passive attitude where you want items but don't really have the drive to get them. You'll buy things every so often, but you're not scrambling around to attain all the time.
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I do have that problem from time to time.
But of late anything i quest gets given to me. so i am learning to silent quest.

I had 2.5 mill on me a while ago and i spent a week huming and haing over what to buy.
In the end i bought a Kandi Kitten which i have wanted ever since the release.
Felt good man
I usually go to tektek and decide what my next avi look will be. I usually just make budget avis so there's nothing n my wishlist because I can afford all the things I buy xD.
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Yes! I never know what to quest. gonk A lot of times I just ignore my huge wishlist, and make an avatar and whatever items I need, I buy. And hopefully they're already on my wishlist. gonk
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I've very recently gained some horrible 'want, want want' syndrome for items on here. It is really bizarre because I'm not like that about...well.. anything else. My wishlist has bloated to some epic proportion in the last couple months. Every time I sign on I go hunting in the marketplace hoping to pick up something cheap-ish.

Maybe I have become addicted to gaia shopping since I never buy much stuff irl. Confessions of Gaian-shopaholic? hehe

It used to be that I would have maybe 5- 10 items on wishlist or it would even be empty. I kind of want those days back...I don't like to rage when I see the abp of some wishlist item up by 70% (which is literally every day lol)

Never really pick an item to go for, I just try to buy it when the price is lower than it generally has been. I still have lost tons of gold despite trying to be careful like that xd
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I've always had an idea on what I wanted to get first and such. o3o
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My wishlist is growing so much since I decided to save up for a high priced item.
I can usually keep it under control but the wants, so many wants!
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I can't quest. Sad truth for me. When I do quest just as I get close to my goal I realize that the item in question isn't an item I can really use. So, I'm stuck back at step one.

Most of the time I just take it by ear. If I happen to have some spare gold and I really want this item, poof goes my gold. Or I tell myself I don't need it and keep my gold.

There are times where I go crazy and buy an item and realize that I can't use it. So, I spend a bunch if gold to make a outfit to go with it. I've done that twice this year. sweatdrop
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I randomly save up gold... and then when I get to a decent amount, I rummage in my wishlist for something I can either afford on the spot or are within at least 200k of where I'm already at. Then it's whatever I happen to be in the mood to buy on any given day. smile

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