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Either really would be fine! I just think it's hard to find use for a single wing... I know some people can make it work, but I personally need two wings before I'm going to use them xD I may be picky? Who knows.

Different positions would be more than enough to differentiate them from the Alchemy wings! Plus, they really don't look much the same, just same concept

XD True.
I find that it really off-balances an avatar having one wing only.
Probably because the avatar box itself is pretty uneven...>>;

But you know how Gaia is.
I have a feeling we'll have to wait for another 10 years
before they think about releasing another set of paired wings.

Either way I hope it's not like TinierMe where they release the
awesome, most asked for items right before shutting down the website.

It really does off-balance an avi. Something is simply missing!

Lol I hope Gaia has learned something through their 10 years of existance! Perhaps that it shouldn't take 10 years before making something possible, not granted, just making it possible. Through a lot of investments, with a lot of luck and good Gaia business... those wings are possible...
I'll stay hopeful, thinking that they have learned a lesson. Or they will keep having the community b*tching and moaning about it for another decade lol

As for TinierMe, they went out with a bang at least lol
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They are amazing! Though they leave me wishing that there were 2 wings, and not just 1-sided!
Especially since theyre so different from the Alchemy wings. ono

Completely gotta agree with you on that one! Lol
No one would mistake them for being the famous alchemy wings, but it would be a nice alternative for those who cannot afford the luxuary of owning a couple of Michael's Wings etc.!
I'd kill for a pair of the Sister of Sin wings in black and white. Their pixelation style and the way they look actually is more visually appealing to me than the alchemy wings. And the Virtue wings in white and black would be perfect. And they have the armour on them, so they would look different from the other demon wings.

Lets hope the staff reads this and takes it to heart, the community wishes for two wings x)
I really like your ideas! I can definitely see them work out awesomely!
It wouldnt be so bad if we could just buy two of these items each and equip one on each side ;v; You can do it with the angel/bloody wings from the Morning/Evening Star items.

That would have been a great option! So even if we only had one wing, we could decide which side we wanted it on
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Love them! heart
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The female in the art--- her profile looks odd.

Like, in need of some Loomis.
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Disappointed yet again sweatdrop
Maybe it's just because I could never make them look good.
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LOVE the hair but it's a bit dark..but kinda love them a bit but...am looking for far more better...Or I'm just too contented of my stuffs.
both are amazing
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not often do you see 3 item mcs... its been since 07 since i seen one... wow... and then it was the
cloud aquatica and i believe eastern zodiac or w/e... that is pretty wicked...
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gonk Ugh I'm such a sucker for eyes. The Sister of Sin eyes are cool and I'm tempted to buy them. >_>
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I just had fun going through this thread to see how others are using the items.
Nice job, Gaia!
both are amazing

Now there's a creative way to balance out the one wing equip! With the cape/scarf, I mean.
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I love them!
Those eyes! 3nodding
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All I have is 520 cash
I'm conflicted to buy the collectible a
Or keep saving up
For the summer sale
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The Sister of Sin eyes are about the only pose out of any of them
that I'd wear. The artist(s) did a great job though, I'm glad Gaia did
something special for the 1Oth Anniversary.
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The eyes from Sister of Sin are lovely, but the rest is 'meh'. Especially the halo. I guess if you like demonic and angelic stuff, it's great. I just feel a bit let down for a 10 year event.

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