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Today is the 15th of June. You all know what that means: it's the day when the Sealed Letters finally open. June is a pretty significant month, being it was the first month to have a real donation letter containing the fabled Angelic Halo.

So, with all Gaia's 10th anniversary and this being THE month of MC months, do you think Gaia will do something special to commemorate such an event? Or, are you thinking it's going to be another month of love/hate MCs?
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Thank you Letter June 2013 MP link

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Sister of Sin MP Link

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Brother of Virtue MP Link

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Winged Halo MP Link

NPC Rina

This month, we’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Monthly Collectibles-- can you believe it?-- with three very special items that recall the legendary treasures of Gaia’s past.

Sister of Sin was taken from her twin brother and sent above to a land of light. Her world is full of never-ending pleasure and revelry, but her heart yearns to rebel against the monotony of happiness and sow chaos and sin. Includes her wing, sash, coverings, anklets, feathered hair and eyes.

Brother of Virtue was sent to a dark world, the air thick with evil deeds. But he has never felt that he belongs with the rest of his mischievous kin; his heart is full of joy and he longs to return to the light and reunite with his sister. Includes his wing, horns, tail, armlets, feathered hair and eyes.

Since the beginning, Monthly Collectibles have reflected the struggle between light and darkness. The Winged Halo celebrates a decade of spiritual turmoil with an item that draws you toward both sides at once. Which will you choose?

These amazing anniversary items will only be available until the end of the month, so don’t miss out!

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I hope it's something special, but I wouldn't put it past Gaia to just give us regular 'ol MCs anyway.
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Oh wow it never really dawned on me that this is the 10th anniversary of the start of MCs! I wonder if that thought even crossed their mind. Have the a sinking feeling that it's just going to be the standard male/female items though. I hope they do something special and prove me wrong 3nodding
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Yeah.. I would hope that there is something special but
I wouldn't even bank on it. If anything, what I'm hoping for
more are two MCs that I actually really like.

That never happens for me.. gonk

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I hope it's something special, but I wouldn't put it past Gaia to just give us regular 'ol MCs anyway.

Maybe. They could build up something spectacular, and then troll us in good old Gaia fashion. Haha.
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I hope it's something special, but I wouldn't put it past Gaia to just give us regular 'ol MCs anyway.

Basically this. Though I've heard people joke about wanting another halo to commemorate the occasion. Frankly I don't know what kind of halo it would be or how it would differ from the others. Seeing as I don't wear them in the first place the whole thing is basically a moot point.
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♫ I got myself one
I'm hoping it's something unique to celebrate 10 years of MC. ♫
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Uncle Kenny

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As of now Love/Hate is not balanced yet.
Angelic Halo - Horns of the Demon
n/a - Devil Tail
Mini Angel Wings - Mini Nitemare Wings
Angelic Sash - Nitemare Sash
Angelic Scarf - Nitemare Scarf
Angelic Pendant - Demonic Pendant
Staff of the Angels - Demonic Pitchfork
Winged Anklets - Demonic Anklets
Angelic Bracelet - n/a
I just noticed?
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Uncle Kenny


pirate dramallama
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I have two, so I'm hoping for something I can use (or at least something others like so I can make my gold back/make a profit)

EDIT: ...HOLY s**t. These are gorgeous.
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♥ ♥



the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I wonder what you do for it owo
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I am super excited. What are they!

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