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- How many friends do you have?
I have 40, but I manage those who don't talk with me. I do not speak with them regularly or I don't know them I will clear them after a month of hearing nothing.

- With how many of those do you talk regular?
Most of them right now. I really need to clear those I don't talk with.

- Do you accept random friend requests?
No. Under no circumstances.

- Do you send random friend requests?
- Do you even care about your friends list?
I like keeping it organized, so yes.

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I dont care for a large friends list; If I see someone making intelligent posts/points and they're consistently likeable, I send them an add and an explanation.
Like, Omega, I added him because I'd like to play league with him some more.
Katze, I liked her/his art and contest entries. Plus she's got a brain.
That Lazarus, He's making some caustic points sometimes, but they're concise stabs with truth.

I take more offense when someone blocks me for stupid reasons:
Cadence Cosplayer: Made I said her thread was an anecdote and that sometimes "art theft" is well within copyright laws, depending on how the work was comissions and liscensed.
That J-Corp thread: Saidh is thread name was stupid, and overall just being silly in the thread. Literally, dicked around, got blocked. I laughed there.
Starsmo': "Stalking, Copying" ok.jpg.

The only one I haven't solved yet is VVhip. I know the date I was ignored, but when I cross check the time, and my posts, I can't figure it out and I've never really interacted with her so it's like "What?"

Friends deleting me is bound to happen, cleaning out lists, making room for more friends, forgetting me. Getting blocked leaves a true mystery to solve that I enjoy
I have.. 22 friends on my list, apparently. Well I just feel super popular. Man. Uhm, I probably talk to about five of them on a regular basis. Or at least a semi-regular basis. A few of the others are friends from the real world who don't use Gaia anymore but I feel weird about deleting because.. we're still friends. Then there are a few nostalgia friends who I keep hoping will miraculously return someday even though I realize that's highly improbable. AND there are two or three people who I really have no idea who they even are or why we know each other. That just makes me feel like a bad person, lol. >~>''

I don't usually get a lot of random friend requests, but I don't like them when I do. I'd prefer to only add people who I've actually talked to or who I recognize. I mean, if I got a friend request from someone I don't really talk to but I see around the forums all the time, I'd happily accept it. But I guess I wouldn't consider that random. It's those people who add me that I've never seen before in my life that bug me. Because what do you want with me, you creepers?!?? *looks around nervously*

I definitely don't send random friend requests. I'M usually too shy to send a request to someone I've been amicably chatting with, as it is. I might be slightly more outgoing on the internet than I am irl, but honestly I'm basically afraid of everyone.
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I have three friends because I don't accept people unless I really know they'll mean something to me later. neutral I recently deleted 20 friends because I don't remember who they are, lol.
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I've been lonely in Gaia for about, 5 years? It seems I don't seem to care my friend list anymore. I only remove friends if they haven't logged in for 6 months. As for having friend requests, I only accept people who have talked to me for long. I don't give friend requests easily though, for I tend to be shy most of the time.
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It doesn't matter how many people are on my friendlist, I don't talk to people on here almost at all. I'm online rather irregularly through the duration of the semester so I don't have time to dedicate to internet people, I don't like to disappoint anyone more than anything.

I think I'm one of those weirdos who can't really talk to people online much, it's the anonymous factor that kinda creeps me out. Like I can't trust who I can't see or know for real. I find it a lot easier to talk to people irl who are right in front of me. Conversation online feels stilted and often has long time gaps, which I never really could get used to.
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I have 5 accounts on my friends list, but 2 of them are a friend's mule and another friend's RP account. So I have three friends! Two I talk to regularly, they've been my friends since my early Gaia days. The other is the boyfriend of one of them, and I don't think I've ever talked to him? Lol.

So yeah, I'm very picky about my friendslist. I rarely accept random requests, and then when I do if you never talk to me then you'll get booted. And I'm pretty awkward, so I don't send friend requests. That's just strange.

But I'm fine with having a tiny friendslist. Gaia is so different from, say, facebook. A lot of interaction and stalking information isn't available to you on facebook unless you are friends with the person. But on Gaia you don't have to have that connection to talk to a person. Even if the person's profile and PMs are private/friends only, you can still chat in the forums or virtual spaces.
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I have no clue what my numb-holy s**t, I have 159 users on my list! O__o

That's a bit of a surprise.


- How many friends do you have? : 159 apparently.
- With how many of those do you talk regular? I'd say around...20-25?
- Do you accept random friend requests? If the request isn't from an ATer (as it's my "home" forum) that I see often yet don't talk to personally much, then I will, if not, I do some research to make sure they're not trying to get on my good side for the sake of my charity or something along those lines.
- Do you send random friend requests?: Only to ATers. Every now and then a very polite AND intelligent poster in the GCD. However, blue moons are more common than the latter. *doesn't like bothering people with random requests like that*
- Do you even care about your friends list? Yep! I love the people who are active on Gaia and on my list!

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