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Do you lust for Timmy?

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        a s u k a says

        Haha, older Timmy has really grown on me. XD
        You can sign me up!
        Also, the fanart is amazing. 8D

I'll join.
I like Timmy's new look. It's charming.
Don't forget Evil Timmy!
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Count me in. I love the look. He looks masculine and with a change of clothing, can look to be a well-groomed gentleman.
YES PLEASE! Where do I sign?

Also, Evil Timmy can take me hostage any day. Mmrowr.
JOIN'D. Also, I'm convinced he'll look like Robert Downey Jr. once he gets cleaned up.
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I am a fan of New Timmy! whee

I'm joining you can't stop me.

He needs more fanarts too, EVERYONE, GO!
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I'm so in.

Hah! My captcha is "never lame".
Count me in!
I always loved timmy for what was inside!
Not like that... ******** fangirls.
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Lol count me in.

When I saw the report I was all like "oh man, the GCD is going to have a field day"
I didn't even check the items. XD
I'll join 3nodding
SHODDY QUALITY NEW-TIMMY ART FTW! (looks like he was taking lessons from Liam)
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Timmy looks like an artsy BORAT.

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whee heart

But seriously, I LOVE THE NEW TIMMY!!

Sign me up! Adult Timmy rocks! >w< We don't need every character to overly bishie and I love him because of it 4laugh

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