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This isn't fair, you mash-uped the comic from the beginning:

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Still, I laughed my socks off, and the ending was freaking cute.

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SIDER pig!!!

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ї hєåя yøuя vøїcє ...
åиd thє wøя| ... gøєs åy ...

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:3 I might make one
Art Myspace Facebook Deviantart

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hAlp? donators go to profile :3

... ї sєє yøuя fåcє ...
åиd thїs p|åcє ... is øy.
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<3 Liam and Sam!

Yaaay for quick (or relatively gaian time quick) update!
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Dr Kurt
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Wow... Purvis totally has a lazy eye!
Can someone post the comic without any edits?! I can't see it! gonk
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reserved if I ever get around to posting one lol XD omg that's so cuuuute I knew liam and sam were a good match all the way back when liam was dating every girl except her lol!
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FINALLY!! Liam gets the girl jitters! HA! And I thought it would never happen! But... he and Same are cute together, and she doesn't go gaga if he flexes (unlike every other girl).
And I had almost given up hope that there would even BE a part three, like a few others, but it was worth the wait!
ILU Edmund, =3
Didn't the mash-ups use to be a user run thing? Lately it's ben devs making the threads.
It seems a bit... I dunno... desperate...
lol this failed :p
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