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Page 15, really?

This thread is creeeeepiiiing
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Ok, everything else... that's fine... but to deny us a new manga page?! Knowing that'd be there got me through my work day. crying
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Omg! I looked at the manga and saw the wait time was now 65 hours-ish and then I went here to see what everyone was saying, then I remembered.... today is april fools day! xD good one gaia >_>
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But... there's really no new page? Come on.
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gonk cant think of something to make them say gonk
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And wasn't it Nicolae who shot Gambino when the tower fell? If he's that good a shot, taking out Gino could be easy! D: The story in this seems to be moving slow and nothing seems to be getting done T^T ....in my own opinion anyways... sweatdrop
um NO it was zhivago who shot Gambino when the tower fell AND Ian after the trial. Nicu came with the zOMG plot
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The Undead Suitor
Considering the only manly NPC's we have are a 90 year old swinger and a man with the hands of a six year old girl I would say


gino will never be a man.

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reapersun must have spooged over her tablet while drawing more brennivin and had to wait over the weekend to get another one
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I miss reading about Ian.
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First thing that came to mind.
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I am HUNGRY for new page dramallama

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