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I have no way of knowing for sure, but the first bar seemes to rise with time evenly more than spike during high donation times.. i was watching it for a while, and i have been watching the second bar aswell, and in the last 9 hours i havent seen any change in it. I think the progress bars are more for time than anything, not to say that the gold donated doesnt have som effect in the end. but thats just what i think. At this rate i would guess that the 2nd bar would top off sometime saturday. mases sence for an event if Gaia wants the nest turnout.

and i would have to agree with the few of you that thought the progress bar CAN go to green.. i was thinking that aswell, and the last bar could not be numbered, it could be 1, 2, last for all we know, or something like that to throw us off.. but i dont see that happening since the progress has nearly dropped ot a standstill with the 2nd bar.
Your analogy does not apply to virtual money. Drugs are addictive, items do not cause withdrawl symptoms if you can't have them. Your body does not grow to NEED these items. You cannot compare the two. It sounds stupid and doesn't work.

you dont know much about the kind of people that sit on internet forums all day long do you.

many people get so wrapped up into their games/RPing they cant tell the difference. so they will end up with withdrawls from them. if not there would be no reason for the support group for ex-EverQuest players.

Your argument would be reasonable if there was a large and organized segment that was controlling the market prices (the Gaian OPEC, hehe). However, in actuality there are a large number of 'middle class' sellers who are simply trying to get their product sold for whatever they can get someone to buy it for while still turning a profit.

Supply and demand rules apply here, same as IRL. Reducing currency means that sellers will either have to wait for people to earn up the amount of money they wanted to sell for or they'll have to sell cheaper to compensate.

I will agree w/ you however, that this may not be enough to cause any significant movement back towards an un-inflated economy. If people didn't donate large portions of their gold or they re-earn it quickly afterwards, it will cause at most a minor hiccup in the inflation of the economy overall.
yea they may leave it up to us because they trust us to help move the story along i mean think about it who know what we will get when we donate we dont know so i think that when we donate and help this drive to the end things will get better but i dont understand why didnt they just put up the whole bar and made a second one it would have been easier that way and i heard at midnight after the day it was on the second bar popped up so it may just be timed based but hey who knows i guess only the admin will know for sure
t hink it is timed myself and as for economy

people have lots of money prices go down, people ahve not alot of money prices go up. supple and demand. and seeing as how i want to be an accountant i think i should know a thing or two..... blame lou dabs and his money things he does with the money people from the government and privet industry gonk


also you need to bring in humen nature if the economy is bad then the people selling have less m,oney to begine with so they will sell for higher to get a better return so they can keep there life system going middle class does not like to drop to lower class and will change there tactic to get a better return because there is always someone willing to buy at any price
The economy shouldn't really change too much, In general I think it would be a week long change and then settle back down agaian, unless this event coming up is the battle system which i doubt, or some uber gold spending event.

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