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Tricky Survivor

That item I really wanted? After a few months it's not that appealing anymore... :C
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

Man, I remember having that problem when I wanted the Angelic angel wings. u___u

Mind you, back then, those wings use to cost about 250k but it was really IFFY hard to try and reach that goal especially since there wasn't any Booty Grab or anything else that would help me to get them.

Though... I could try reaching that goal again, but I'm just too lazy to do it right now.

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usually i can get to about a mil, and then i think "right! gonna save!" and i manage too, until gaia releases the perfect thing and i have to buy it!
i do however like trying to make my gold go further; so say i have 3mil, i won't splurge it all on one item, i'll buy lots of little things. thus, my inventory is worth a decent amount, but i've got so few expensive things. i hate just blowing it all on one thing. i like to get more bang for my buck, so to speak.

i should really start sending quest gold to my mule, though. might help!
Naitou-kun's avatar


Ehhh, this doesn't happen to me anymore. Most of the things I've wanted- I've managed to get. So these days, I just save my gold to buy small things, or just to save up for a new item I might like. Being the cheapass I am, I like to put any new (EXPENSIVE) items onto my wishlist for a week or two to determine whether or not I still think it's swell two weeks later (I like to first determine many factors though, which include price, poses/amount of poses, colour/s, how well it would integrate into my inventory/outfits, will the item retain, decrease, or increase in value after my purchase, etc) . The cheap stuff though- I buy them when they're at sellback value. There have been times when I've loved an item enough to immediately pick one up, but in those cases, I have no regrets.

I take spending very seriously, unless it's an item I absolutely need in order to complete an outfit.
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Spent a good half of my savings on this outfit...took only a matter of seconds.

I am horrible at keeping my gold ._.
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Partying Fatcat

mOh I'm terrible at this. I'm just impatient and always buy items too soon. Sometimes that's a good thing (I paid 9mil for my first Cherubic and sold it for an ungodly amount) but most times it's bad.
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Lavish Nerd

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I usually spend gold on cheap/medium items; I like to pile up things then try to make a good avi out of them <3
I can't save at all, every single gold I have has to GO! rofl I usually go straight to marketplace and click on "You might like" the list that shows you all the items you can afford with your budget and slowly lowers in price as you pass each page, it's my addiction!

One thing tho, I can sure spend it all in 1 item, but if I can get manage to get 3 nice little cheap items for lets say 100k, I go for it instead of 1 item that's worth that much (Unless I really like it!)
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Invisible Gawker

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Yeah, I'm finally back in a certain high end gold range, and suddenly, a lot of the items I wanted and/or had my eyes on have no appeal. I end up thinking "Maybe I should hold out until the next RIG is released", ughhhh.
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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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Having seen the benefits of achieving a goal, I find it a lot easier to focus on a quest.

Just, some seem insurmountable. I'd never quest over 10m.
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Tipsy Genius

I try saving up my gold, but sooner or later, I will buy an item.

"So, every single pose in this item is crap except for this one? And this pose is only usable on a single avatar? Let's go use 300k on it!"
^Sadly this is how my mind works.
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Fluffy Wolf

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I kind of just accepted that I'm an impulse buyer, and don't save up for anything extra expensive. I buy things when they come out. It works out for me because a lot of rigs that I desperately love are relatively cheap, and relate to things I love. So I think my impulse buys only really work for myself.

Then again, there's a few things that's been on my wishlist for a while, and that I would love to get...
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In a relationship with chad yasutoras

Wheezing Fatcat

i'm terrible at saving gold omf
like as soon as new rigs come out all of my gold is down the tube
i don't think i've ever had more than 14m pure at any given time... ;_;
i think i'm probably gonna start giving it all to my mule just so i'm not tempted anymore. u_u
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Timid Poster

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I am the master of impulse buying. I think the most I ever saved up at once was a couple million for my ninja headband. I just buy buy buy. And then regret regret regret. rofl
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Hallowed Prophet

I usually have a decent amount on gold on hand; there are very few items on this site that tickle my fancy and most of my avatars have themes that work off similar items.

I did break bank a few months ago for a RIG. v.v It just...sucked me in. I liked most of the items and the high end ones were "omg I must have you's".

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