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Let's face it, Most of us have those Gaia moments when we want to save up gold, but end up not doing it and loosing it all badly. You just want to keep it in case something really good or better comes out to have it. Then you spend it,the item drops in price, you end up disliking what you bought, and you have to work back up to earn what you lost!

Tell me GCD, Have often do you try to safe all the gold you have?Did you ever end up loosing a lot of gold that you try to keep for something better?

I have lost plenty of gold do to buying items to early, or in a bad time. .__.
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I just flop all my questing gold on my mule.
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DUDE. All the farkin time.

Though, I'mma lovin this background. JUST WISH THE WINGS WERE A SEPARATE POSE.
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O.G. Nerd

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I'm actually really good about saving my gold anymore. I used to have holes in my little Gaian pockets. Like "oh, I like that; now let's get it in EVERY color".

Now I'd be more likely to lose my money through donations to charities or questers. I haven't had my eye on anything in forever, so I feel I may as well help others achieve their goals.
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I'm pretty good at not spending my gold most of the time, but I definitely have my weak moments.
I usually won't splurge on one big item. The gold disappears quickly if I find a bunch of semi-cheap items.

The last time I was able to save up my gold for a dream item was in December for my Butter.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to save up that much again though. u__u
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Timid Faun

Been there so often I recently decided to not spend my gold on impulse anymore.
So much gold down the drain.

So now I'm slowly, very slowly, saving up my gold and hoping to spend it on items when they're at the lowest MP listing that I know I'll keep.
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i'm good at saving gold, i want all those cats. i must have every cat item, so no splurges until i catch them all.
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          All the time. Well, usually I wait to buy new release items, but gold shop updates and new RIG fails are my weakness. It starts with one cheap item and pretty much snowballs from there.
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That just happened to me yesterday. just took my gold to buy a few items to make a specific outfit. First time I splurged like that. But usually I save my gold to like 500k or 1 mil then spend it all in one rush on items in my wishlist.
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

Honestly, I said I wasn't going to spend any gold until like,
March. I thought this in December. Let's just say.. I ended up spending
50 mil on junk I don't need and I will never be able to earn that back easily
with the lazy schedule I am in right now. Ughhh.

But I can safely say I ain't gonna do it anymore. Maybe.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Precious Treasure

I saved for a year to get my mini angel wings. heart
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Lady Strawberry

Lady Golden
I saved for a year to get my mini angel wings. heart
Just a year? Wow. Sometimes I feel like I don't Gaia well at all. lol
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Magic Senshi

All the time.

Damn you Neo Featherman! emotion_bigvein
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Very few items really force me to buy them so I end up doing pretty well saving them. The only exception would be EI's/REI's because I collect them so I scoop one up whenever one is released. They are released slow enough though that it doesn't really drain my gold. smile
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I've lost gold investing. Now, I just spend gold on investments only if I actually love the thing itself, so it isn't a waste if it turns out worthless.

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