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I think the problem doesn't really revolve around us guys "not specifically stating what we want" because just as the artist put so much diversity in amount of items for the female community that all means research and ideas must of had to come into the picture before making the items available to them. Same goes for us guys, the Gaia Artists should be able to research just as much as they do for the females for the guys. It's not very difficult for us at least. So "us never saying what we want besides more facial hair" shouldn't even be an excuse for their lack of ability to think/research styles that are in style for us.

What i'd like to see more is more diversity on a little bit of everything!

Clothing that is anywhere from casual to elegant and fancy, and of course mythical warrior with armors, swords, all sorts of warrior equipment!

I'd like to see:
Backwards caps in different colors, different styles and designs.

Different style of SHIRTS, button down sleeves rolled up, regular going out T-Shirts with different patterns, V- Necks! Elegant/Fancy long sleeve, more tank tops in all colors, VESTS we need more vests in different cuts and styles (denim would be awesome) as well as fancy and elegant ones that can match bow ties and ties cool also, JACKETS we need different styles for those we can have more winter based, going out leather looking type, or the basic pull over jackets, oh and a very important one CARDIGANS!!!!!!! scream

JEANS! SHORTS! More dress pants of more colors. Specifically targeting jeans because we have little to NONE variety of jeans that really limits what guys wear on a normal going out day. I think we need more styles of jeans! As for shorts, i'd like to see more variety within them different colors and cuts!

SHOES. I cannot stress enough how much shoes guys are available too. I can count them with my fingers the pairs i use that can match all avis. We need more more more and MORE shoes, DRESSY shoes we need in black and brown. As well as casual going out like Sperrys or any other type of shoe that may be in style right now.

ACCESSORIES! Stubble OF COURSE, we need more variety of stubble, SURPRISE US?! (but be ideal, on what a guy would normally look with stubble, make it sexy cool ) more Shades like Raybands, or bowties of different patterns add colors, ties, WATCHES, SCARVES!

It doesn't take very long to tune into a clothing catalog to see what's in style for men. It's not difficult and "not knowing what we want" shouldn't be an excuse because there is a over excessive amount of female items that i'm sure had thought and research before being done.

THIS! So much! lol

Now that Gaia has a whole thread full of ideas by guys for guys, I expect to see some of the ideas come true! Seriously Reapersun, where da fawk are you? Make something manly, non-slutty yet sexy item for us! scream

I couldn't agree more! cool emotion_brofist
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maybe if we had more than one male artist this wouldn't be such an issue js

..or more female artists with 'other interests' than just the common anime/lollita/kawaiidesu/rainbow bullshit we're seeing in the REIs/RIGs/CIs/MCs all the time :c

Implying artists like 0_8 drew a lot of manly stuff. Guys like drawing sexy women. So hiring a guy wouldn't be any guarantee that they'd want to draw guy clothes.
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Hmmm, I guess I'd like more male business wear and formal wear. Basically, anything that looks dashing, but doesn't stray too far to the effeminate/foppish side (like the Hansel and Princeling stuff you mentioned).

This includes fashions both modern, retro (twenties, fifties, etc) and archaic (victorian/steampunk fashion).

Is that clear enough?
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I don't really think that I'm the best person to comment on this subject... emotion_dealwithit But the one thing I'd really like is for shoes to stop looking so short/stubby on male legs. I'm not wearing shoes at the moment because I couldn't find shoes that went with my avatar that also didn't look like short boots.

For example, I would LOVE for the Nitemare boots to look on male avatars the way they do on female ones. I want thigh high boots damn it! Not ankle boots. emotion_omnomnom

But yeah, that's really my main complaint. Most shoes that look AWESOME on female avatars look like crap on guys. emo

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