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Do you remember before November 24th, 2013 there was no D-Party?

Those were dark times.

Reign of Johnny K Gambino = Golden Age of Gaia.

Reign of the Wrong Green Rabbit = Dark Ages.
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Questions and Feedback was a forum.
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2007 Halloweens event.

Easter bunny trying to destroy us every Easter (April fools day)

Ummm...(thinks) Come on now I gotta have something else to add..

Deamon buster event.
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i could have sworn the marketplace always existed
like, i've been around since 2004 and im pretty sure it was around then
then again, i can barely remember last month correctly

Nope it's your poor memory heart we used to use the exchange for everything. That's why trading passes were so important!

If it helps I remember it being released around May 2004. It was buggy as all hell too. Ah, nostalgia...
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Do you remember before November 24th, 2013 there was no D-Party?

Those were dark times.

Reign of Johnny K Gambino = Golden Age of Gaia.

Reign of the Wrong Green Rabbit = Dark Ages.
agree to disagree
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That first Halloween and how surprising and clever it was that you got your shop purchases in the paper bags you could wear.

The Charity Tree and all the clown noses that went to The Cause. (The Cause being a chance to win Fairy Wings, and all the woe over Jolly Slippers because they didn't have a store sellback amount so they just cluttered inventories as a reminder of both your pixelated gambling addiction and general state of failure.)
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When there were no difficulty settings in zOMG! and you just went in and owned that shet.
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Ah yeah, trading passes...

The hype for June/July's Donation Items... Not MCs!

Having to wait until the 20-somethingth for the Donation Items to be revealed...

Flaming shirts were the coolest piece of crap.

Girl- and boy-specific items!
I miss when Gaia was "good" in general.

I come back every so often and grumble at what it has become. I may start to frequent it more often for funzies, but it will definitely never be the same experience like it was back in 2006 and onward.
Everything nowdays is for money ;( ...
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I remember Timmy as a child

When people thought Ian was a Casanova

Ghost Pancakes

You could Trick or Treat and sing carols to Meredith

When we got one announcements

When Everybody actually had to work for their gold and not just use a credit card to buy it

When Gold shops had regular and decent updates

When we had the ATA

When the staff actually cared and saw us as members and not wallets.
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Von Helson VS Gambini!
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xd 09er here...

I miss the Theater feature. Where you can throw stuff inside.

gonk Waiting for the Case of Pietro to evolve.

lol Getting giddy over my first EI, The Experiment.
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The Theater

Playing the Puzzle game

The thrill over Fausto's bottle

The Von Helson sisters revival

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