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Magic Pants

Go check the cash shop!
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A new (what looks like) chance item for 99 cash.
"A mysterious box of unknown origins containing one of Gaia's darker items. Open at your own risk!"

Items you can get from it:
User ImageTail of the Black Beast
User ImageFeet of the Black Beast
User ImageEars of the Black Beast
User ImageHead of the Black Beast

User ImageBlack Magic Wig
User ImageBlack Magic Boots
User ImageBlack Magic Cloak

User ImageWicked Torn Cape
User ImageBlack Inked Mask
User ImageWhite Inked Mask

Furugasa 5th Gen.
Pantheracorax Agate 7th Gen.
Alruna's Rose 14th Gen.

Nitemare Bustier
Brown Festive Witchling Hat
Belted Pants
Brown Musketeer Hat
Egyptian secret passage
Angwusnasomtaka Kachina Mask
Nitemare Collar
Exalted Rook
Black Magic Wig
Candy Corn Witchling Hat
Black Musketeer Top
Kotengu Mask
Royal Musketeer Boots
Brown Musketeer Cape
Onyx Milady Headpiece
Egyptian Sphinx Dark
Royal Musketeer Pants
Exalted Rook
Striped Witchling Hat
Wine Gothic Bat Choker
Belted Top
Imperial Queen
Nitemare Table
Onyx Milady Headpiece
Royal Musketeer Hat
Egyptian Bastet Statue
Lovely Pink Witchling Hat
Charcoal Cat Mask
Brown Musketeer Cape
Belted Shoes
Christian Siriano's Black Coat
Black Musketeer Cape
Witch Cape
Hannya Mask
Immaculate Bishop
Blood Bat Choker
...and more!

Bolded items appear to be new
Italics are EI's (if we get any..)
Items that are part of a new set are in a color grouping.

Have you bought any yet?
What did you get?
Yet ANOTHER rando-box? Oh no!

Please! Post what you get!
I've gotta run over to the store and pick up some groceries, but I'll be back soon!

Never mind. Looks like I'm staying home! c:
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I have one, but I'm too scared to open it. >__> I want to hear what other people get first. D:

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The authentic acme of unity . . .


I can't afford to buy more boxes.
I'm sorry children, no dinner tonight. sweatdrop
. . . is the unity created by love.
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Familiar Survivor

Actually that other thread COULD have just been made into this...but anyway~

Seems like an interesting box. People will b***h but..so what, yea? c:
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I just purchased three. I will let you know what I get biggrin
You mean second thead?

( I'm kidding, I was 1 second to late T.T )
Oh nooo.....oh wait, it's cheap! That's not so bad biggrin

I want one now ;__;
Oh hell. Time to sell. pirate
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Unbeatable Seeker


    I hope they contain some of the new leaked items~ They're
    so cool. *____*

    I'd buy some of I could. ; 3;

Dang, I was going to post a thread about 6 minutes ago but instead I bought one and got me a tail of the black beast

Anyway, does anyone know what's in it?? D;

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Unbeatable Seeker

Tail of the Black Beast? Inneresting. (Purposeful typo)

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