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What's your favorite EI this week

Art of Espionage 0.26911314984709 26.9% [ 176 ]
Bunnihilation 0.059633027522936 6.0% [ 39 ]
Zodiacal 0.14525993883792 14.5% [ 95 ]
Dark Heart 0.061162079510703 6.1% [ 40 ]
Ruined Souls 0.11926605504587 11.9% [ 78 ]
Emerald Dream 0.23088685015291 23.1% [ 151 ]
Modus Operandi 0.03822629969419 3.8% [ 25 ]
Cafe Maim 0.030581039755352 3.1% [ 20 ]
Paramour's Break 0.024464831804281 2.4% [ 16 ]
Parcel Post 0.021406727828746 2.1% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 654 ]
This poll closed on June 21, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
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We have three updates today: Art of Espionage, Emerald Dream and Ruined Souls.
Okay guys, you should know what to do! Please take the time to vote in the poll!

Every so often, there are always Evolving item updates. With all these posts in GCD about Evolving item, it's hard to really know which one is the most popular evolving item. So every week, I will make a poll to find out what is everyone's favorite Evolving item. Think of it like the Billboard Music Chart, instead we're finding what's the top Evolving Item of the week.

And here it is:
Weekly Top Evolving Items - Week of June 7th

1.Art of Espionage
4.Dark Heart
5.Ruined Souls
6.Emerald Dream
7.Modus Operandi
8.Cafe Maim
9.Paramour's Break
10.Parcel Post

Total Votes: 711

Spoon: What's your favorite EI this week?
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High-functioning Glitch


It's looking very girly though... Hope that doesn't make the guys mad.

Also, I'd like to give you guys a compliment for Art of Espionage.
Ninjas aren't really my thing, but I love the orange in it. heart It reminds me of Fremere's Guard!
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Apocalyptic Deadeye

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My favorite would have to be the Ruined Souls. A well-detailed rapid with great colors!
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snipes first page post

I liked the bunhiliation poses and the emerald dream and art of espionage
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Tipsy Genius

I'll be waiting for the tin man in Emerald Dream. emotion_dowant

My favorite Ei right now would be Ruined Souls though. I've been waiting for a skull helm for some time now.
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Art of Espionage fits my theme, but that newest bunnihilation evolution does too..
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Count me impressed,ruined souls seems like it's going to be an awesome dark item.
Something we have to few of.
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Art of Espionage really suits my tastes, and Ruined Souls is heading in a fantastic direction. Over all, very pleased with this week, though I miss the artists that are leaving/have left.
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Magical Cat

I am drawn into the Black and White of Emerald Dream.

I am turned off by Orange on Art of Espionage. Though I can't say I wish it didn't exist. Orange fans need their Orange and the theme is great.
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I voted for the Emerald Dream for only one reason: ruby--I mean bejeweled heels.

Bunnihilation would be second for the mask and obi.
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Tricky Treasure

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love the story for ruined souls!

wait.. fuschia slippers? We wanted red.. and silver.. for the Wiz y know.. :I
Emerald Dream
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Animal Defender

I like Ruined Souls but I like Emerald dream more.
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I wanna see Cafe Miam evolve!!!
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Art of Espionage

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