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Which is your favorite?

Demonic Sky 0.1304347826087 13.0% [ 42 ]
Angelic Sky 0.24534161490683 24.5% [ 79 ]
Both 0.38819875776398 38.8% [ 125 ]
Neither 0.055900621118012 5.6% [ 18 ]
Gold 0.024844720496894 2.5% [ 8 ]
Happy 10th Anniversary Gaia! 0.15527950310559 15.5% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 322 ]
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Do they stay in the Shop or are they only around for the anniversary and will disappear soon?
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Mega Nerd

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Do they stay in the Shop or are they only around for the anniversary and will disappear soon?

I'm curious about this myself. This is a deal breaker.
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Muscular Bear

I'm stingy with my wing stickers, so I just have to buy in the market. Because of the background, I had to find a decent floating leg mod.
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Kawaii Wolf

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I love both items o3o just wish you could have more options. I would love to be able to have just the wings on. its nice that when your avi turns around the wings are on your back though. hmm, gonna be glitch searching for a while to try to get the wings by themselves.....
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Durem Mage

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Love them!! heart I'm going to have to wait for them to go down in the market, since I don't want to part with my Wing Stickers. xp
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Do they stay in the Shop or are they only around for the anniversary and will disappear soon?

I'm curious about this myself. This is a deal breaker.
I'm quite sure that, if this were a limited-time offer, they would have warned us. Or at the very least they will warn us if they plan to remove them. Treehouse items are practically never removed; I think the only ones that have been removed were the Alchemy formulas.
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Destructive Glitch

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Omg the Demonic Sky. It's amazing and I reaaaaaally want it. heart
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....But what if I can save up wing stickers for something better? :U
      I've never been a huge backwings fan girl. (As far as the raved about large Angel/Demonic ones go.. I like other wings) So I'm not completely excited about these.. and the fact that there's a sky background attached..yeah, not happening with me.
      But hey! I'm glad to see so many people like them! emotion_yatta
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if only the wings had their own pose... sad
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

I just barely have enough for one. xd
Ahh.. I am usually too lazy to buy these things. I would assume the item
stays there because like.. all of those other items are still in the shop?
If not.. I better unlazy myself and buy it now while I still can.

I love the demonic one. It's BEAUTIFUL. There are stars in the sky.
*U* You know I love stars. Dem giant balls of gas burning billions
of miles away, ohohoho~

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Sweet Connoisseur

They're ok.
I'd love this a whole lot more if the background didn't include the wings.
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Man-Hungry Ladykiller

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This gives me motivation to find some suitable leg mods... Even though I have never used leg mods. >.>
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Buggy Mage

They look really cool! I'm not sure which I'm going to get though. Hard to choose. sweatdrop
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Witty Lunatic

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Why do the wings have to come with the background when the wings are separate when you turn around? They're so pretty, I just don't like background items.

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