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Keeping my fingers crossed for sexy hair! emotion_dowant
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Tipsy Ladykiller

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I'd rather have a thrash metal REI then this.
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interesting... but i'll wait
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Icy Mage

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Eh, I couldn't see myself using it. If it has a nice white wig, I might buy one for my female alt.
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Tipsy Vampire

        Hmm, I think I'll hold off....for now.
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Heated Warrior

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Eh, my only issue so far is the first pose.
It layers so fgbhgffgdskg
No matter what I try, there's always something that layers over the thing.
But that's a issue on many item-holding poses gonk
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Man-Hungry Elocutionist

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I'm just a bit sad that's it's another REI. I'm sick of REIs. I miss normal EIs. ): And Evolving Item reports with more than one item
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Dapper Shopper

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Song of Amour sounds pretty Valentine-y to me. Colour scheme is very Gaiaversery though.
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Tipsy Genius

I'm not really interested in it. For Now. ninja
But like all reis, it's still too early to say no.
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Beloved Bunny

I'm not overly fond of the style and colours so far, so I'll be giving it a miss so far.

It's still early days though, I'd be more than happy if it proves me wrong and turns out prettier!
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Sparkly Fairy

I'll keep 1 eye on it but not really a fan much of the whole "angelic blue/white" type color.
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Bashful Darling

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This looks really cute so far and I'm a big fan of the colour choices (it's so sparkly and pretty!), but I think I'm going to hold off on getting myself one until I see a few more poses. I'm hoping we'll get lots of Knight armour, Princess gowns, long flowing locks... please? emotion_kirakira
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I wnt lots of kawaii poses
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Unholy Pyromaniac

I liked the idea better when I first read it as 'Song of Armor'. neutral
Pretty meh at the moment for me!
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Wheezing Lover

Sir Deranged Reindeer
I'm just a bit sad that's it's another REI. I'm sick of REIs. I miss normal EIs. ): And Evolving Item reports with more than one item
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And that's when I got...

This so much.

I'm getting really, really tired is this s**t.
It's like normal EIs don't exist anymore neutral



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