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What do you guys think of this new rapid released this week?

Item Link:
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Song of Amour

Somehow, I have a feeling this will become some sort of a Valentine's Day REI. I dunno, but that's just me.

Who do you think the artist/artists are?
What do you want to see from this item?
What do you not want to see from this item?
Possibly another female-centric item?
Maybe a storyline like Runcible Spoon?

Discuss at will. ^^
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IT'S SO SPARKLY classified_fu

Yeah, it's pretty and all, but there's nothing to indicate some aspect of it that I'll REALLY be interested it. Nevertheless, I will be keeping an eye on it.
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Looks interesting and has an interesting color scheme, but none that I'm too interested in. I don't think I'll buy it, but that just means something brilliant will come out of it, making it horrendously expensive on the MP.

You're welcome.

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Tiny Shapeshifter

The color scheme and wing icon screams "Gaia 10 year milestone".
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I bought one. Hopefully it'll come out nicely. I spent $5 on pixels after all.
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Sparkly Gawker

It looks pretty, I like the first pose more than the harp, but just what is it? I'll put off getting it until we get a better idea of what to expect. Does that look like anyone's handiwork? I can't tell.
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so much sparkle * A*
i like it... at first i thought it was just a valentines rei... since its cute and yummy 4laugh
but then yen quest suggested the possibility of it being gaiaversary-themed ; o;
seems like a nice blend!

will buy if it gets nicer poses
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It looks nice and I'll wait and see on it, but the harp is really nice.
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I want it... it seems right up my alley for things I love.
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Assimilated Survivor

When I first saw it I thought it could be a ballet theme. Which would fit a Valentine's theme nicely as well. But I also like the Gaia anniversary suggestion too! >_<
Mostly I'm expecting armors (duh in the name lol) in some lighter colors. edit: dyslexic moment on my part, wow lol. redface I don't expect this to be overly girly per se, just expecting all the pieces to be light colored. Which can be manly still!
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Can't say I'm impressed so far. Yet-more-pastels and the harp seems awfully chunky. Yuck. stare

Maybe it'll improve as it goes along...
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Shirtless Cat

Just in time for my birthday. emotion_awesome
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                      Hoping for hair, eyes, and dresses.
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Beloved Nerd

Preeeetty sure that this will contain something I like but...
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Now THIS looks like it has potential. Definitely getting it. LOVE the colors so far. emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

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