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Tiny Strawberry


I only can do the videos for 1gc each!! xD
I get 10gc every day... what a pain!!

sometimes I found offers that give me... 4 or 20gc each LOL
I wish I could do the big ones rofl
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And that's when I got...


I've done offers that gave me about 700-2k GC xD
Were from a Dutch site.
Just entered some guy's address.
Typed some random bank account numbers.
Can't believe it still works xD


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Magic Mage

Dat's pretty cute o3o

100+ GC offers are not worth the trouble to me so I don't do them, but the price will be down to like 5k in less than a week, sooo....
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Oh, cute~
Hoping this falls in price.
Unlike those ringmaster spat clips that never did. ><
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Militant Pumpkin

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It's a neat scarf. Only problem is, the only offers of 100gc or more tend to be sketchy or require you to buy/sign up for something.
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Eternal Gatekeeper

spam offers for it. smile

I don't think it's accumulative. From my understanding, it's only good for an offer with a minimum of 100gc, not a combined 100.
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Tipsy Man-Lover

I like it a LOT better than the sapphire or whatever scarf.

I'm going to have to dig through the cash offers for one that I can do for over 100gc
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User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

Wow, the way you get it is bullshit.
I hate those things. You think I do cash offers? LOL no.

I buy that s**t. The only offers that ever make sense to me are the
crap ones that give like 2 gc. Why can't it be an item you get for
spendingggggg 100 gc or some junk. |:

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

You already get items for spending 100gc. It's how purchasing stuff works.
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Buggy Glitch

That does look nice.
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Its cute, too bad my surveys crap out right at the end and say I no longer qualify. I wouldn't mind if they said that at the beginning but its always at the very end, and so I waste half an hour for 10 cash for participating. 10 cash that I never get either.
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Pretty cute!
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Beloved Lover

User ImageI have been watching my ten stupid videos a day every day without fail since they added the feature. I think I deserve some free items too. >_>
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spam offers for it. smile

I don't think it's accumulative. From my understanding, it's only good for an offer with a minimum of 100gc, not a combined 100.
Oh sorry what I meant by that is the offers are quite unreliable for me so by doing a bunch, it increases my chances of one or more actually going through and giving the GC. sweatdrop
That's pretty cute 3nodding Thanks for sharing I never would have known rofl
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Invisible Shapeshifter

Aww, and I just got credited for a big offer a few days ago.
Oh well, hopefully the ones I'm doing now go through and I can get it~
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xMichikun's Husband

Invisible Hoarder

Very cute, but kind of bulky.
I never do cash offers that give out that much GC, though. :/

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