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So now Gaia is getting into more Dinosaur pets, so my dear friends what do you think of this new addition to the Gaia pet community? Do like it, hate it, or in the middle? What are you thoughts of Gaia doing more? If so what Dino would you like them to bring out a meat eater or plant eater? Talk to your hearts content.
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kinda reminds me of the land before time, a purple version of the main character. It's adorable, I want it.
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YES I AM HAPPY!! emotion_kirakira
I adore dinosaurs!!! will get it when will be cheaper!! so adorable!!
I hope gaia give us a triceratops pet! OMG!! emotion_kirakira
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Sparkly Lunatic

It makes me want to watch land before time again emotion_kirakira
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Melodious Gekko

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Aw snap, I want it!
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It's ******** Little Foot!!!!

I'm not a fan of the style but I love the fact that it's totally a Little Foot knock off.
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MORE DINOSAURS?! Awww, so cuuute I'm gonna die.

They should make an RIG that's dinosaur/prehistoric animal themed.
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That is one ugly apatosaur.

Why is it so pigeon-toed? Why is it called a Longneck? rofl Man they aren't even TRYING to be subtle with that reference.
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Instantly makes me think of Littlefoot from Land Before Time.
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Demonic Lover

I think it's cute but I don't care for dinosaurs C: whoever does the Crystal Box pets is really good though, they are always so cute!, I still want Yuki, that hood is adorable XD <3

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Magic Mage

Oh mannn, Land Before Time nostalgia. Also yay more dinosaurs! Always need more dinosaurs.

It's an adorablus apatosaurus. x3
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Dapper Gekko

I like feeling nostalgic and I like cute things but the item as a whole is meh. Cinza was beautifully original with its sloth arm pose (which I still think would be better off without the green armlet thing) and Yuki had that lovely white hood... I'm not really feeling it with this. Probably more because I'm not a big plushie/companion person in general and weigh a lot of my preference on the accessory pose which in this case is a simple clip that I don't care for.

It's adorable and has a funky fresh style though, I'll give it that. B]
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It's Little Foot! And he's eating some treestar leaves. emotion_kirakira

So. Freaking. Cute.

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Hallowed Prophet

It's good timing, that's what it is. XD I just made a prehistoric cavedweller avi and this is a perfect addition.
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Oh, it brings me back to my childhood just looking at it. I don't want it right now, since I'd probably never use it, but I like that gaia made the item. <3

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