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Wheezing Pants

I'll be grabbing it soon, I think its cute.
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Cheery Cat

Gaia-kun looks cute sexy cuxy?, so I was thinking of buying one just for him, but...
I also like the dress, but that's about all really.
Maybe I'll buy one later. But I don't really need it now.
Is demonic Tail an item?!
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Not my taste really.
I was just thinking "argh those eyes are gonna be amazing and I'll want that s**t just from them" but I didn't like them that much luckly.
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Its got some cute things to it. I love the wink and the blue dress
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I absolutely for a split second though they were re-releasing d-tails and minis... I nearly choked with shock!

It's an okay item, quite well done and I see it's worth that price! I probably won't buy it only because there's no items I'd genuinely use... but I do wish we had a halo like the one Gaia tan has on. that's cute!
Eh, not really interested. The only things I see people really liking is the wink and maybe the speech bubble.
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Is demonic Tail an item?!

Not in the bundle! But it is an item you can buy on the MP/exchange.
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Existential Existence
Gaia tan sort of creeps me out lol
after a while not so much. maybe it's just the smile.

She is kind of creepy there, maybe it's her overly big way too happy smile? I like the item, maybe wish it had more. Greedy greedy me.
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i think its super cute =w=
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The wink is cute, but I don't think I'd use anything else honestly. If I do buy it, it won't be with GCash~
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I am tempted. I don't care for the majority of the poses, the dress is kind of strange. But I do love the letter and wink. I'll probably be able to get this item before I could actually afford Gaia tan.
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Shy Bunny

Adorable! But I doubt I'll use it much? I suppose I won't get one.
Maybe I'd gift my bestie with it? She would like it!
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" Hey, it's me! Don't shoot! "

              »»» Personally I love it, but since I cannot buy it with Gaia Cash I will need to see what I can sell to afford it. I want this item very badly.

" I did everything you asked! "

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