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Mega Man-Lover

Is it just me or is the winking eye a couple pixels too low on the avatar's face? confused
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Lonely Star

Little Dead Soldier
Arliona Phoenix
I totally thought we were getting all the old '03 MC in the bundle for a fleeting, glorious instant sweatdrop

I did too emo

Me, three...or like a bundle of really, really good knock-offs. Alas!
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Really want this.
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Demonic Hunter

I was hoping for a re-release of the mini wings and anklets :c
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Hygienic Cutie-Pie

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i was hoping for something more (like mini angelic/nightmare AND halo poses) *wishful thinking*choke*sob* but it's cute as it is anyway.
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Sparkly Phantom

I feel like the cash shop price is too high. Hopefully mp listing price will drop then I might buy one just for the jacket. I wish that they could also add another eyes for guys....gaia-kun's eye. We have so much gaia-tan related items already why she got all the glory...
i really2x like the item but i hope i can buy some but dont have the money so i think im going to pass
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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Not bad but I'll pass.
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Star Catcher

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I was fortunate enough to win one in one of Siskataya's contests. I'm pretty pumped for when I'll get it. ^.^!
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Precious Giver

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I Like the Letter & Wink^^
I'll try to get 1 when the priced is drop biggrin
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Wheezing Lunatic

I had just enough cash after doing offers. I saw the announcement and thought "Gaia-kun, HELL YEAH!" Then I found the wink, which makes it even better! 4laugh
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Kawaii Phantom

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I really like Gaia-tan's wink, and would have loved to have it.
Unfortunately, the price is pretty steep for an item which I only like one pose.
So, I'll have to pass on it, and just stick to MC's this month.
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Demonic Abomination

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I want it but I don't have enough monies *pout*
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Bashful Poster

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You guys! think about it...this item is out for limited time only....they say they know we would love this item....and they call it a BUNDLE....and they spent ALL night working on this to exhaustion!

think about it..

maybe after the 25th it'll evolve into all the old 03 items!

*wishful thinking* emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

User Image

BUNDLE.....~~~ see? just..lookat it....I really think this item will surprise us...

I mean..we all know what bundle means. Come on. is my optimism working?...yes? no...

ah. emotion_8c
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Bucktoothed Pants

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  • Winged 100
I like the item, but honestly, I'd probably only use like three poses. Which, actually now that I think about it, is better than some items that I have on my wishlist for just one item. I just don't see myself buying it any time soon though.

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