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Mewling Loverboy


i want that jacket. i shall wait for it to go down
in price... > . > but it's beautiful, that jacket.
and i want gaia kun. > _ < uwah.

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Smitten Kitten

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I love it. My birthday is right around the corner so I might splurge and buy myself one.
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Handsome Shounen

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The dress is okay, but dat jacket gib. o3o

I'll wait for it to go a bit more down in price. >_>;
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Rich Risk-Taker

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i thought it would be a halo or dtail
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Adored Player

User Image
I like it for the dress pose mainly. emotion_kirakira
But I might also end up using it for the wink and talk bubble as well.
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Dangerous Shapeshifter

Not exactly my cup of tea, so I'll pass this time. rolleyes
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Moonlight Sweetheart

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Were there actually any secret poses?
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O.G. Player

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Eeeehhhh nnnooo...
Not my thing.
I think the freebie is the best anniversary item with the Nitemare and Angelic set.
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Dangerous Ladykiller

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Arliona Phoenix
I totally thought we were getting all the old '03 MC in the bundle for a fleeting, glorious instant sweatdrop

I did too emo
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Dapper Hunter

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I think they're adorable, the jacket is awesome on female avis. The wink is a nice standard. But it's the letter that sold me <3
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Timely Evader

Thanks gaia for saving me some gold for gaia-tan wink, but reversed.
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Magical Senshi

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I really want the item but for the price it is? I'd need more poses to justify buying it, almost eight bucks is too much and the MP is 700k-800k. emo
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Beloved Receiver

Arliona Phoenix
I totally thought we were getting all the old '03 MC in the bundle for a fleeting, glorious instant sweatdrop

I thought we were going to get the legit popular outfits from 2003, 04, 05, 06, etc.
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Fluffy Pumpkin

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I love the dress...
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Dapper Conventioneer

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Now I can have the Gaia-tan wink, AND wear my Gaia-Tan at the same time!

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