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Nope, neither of them appeal to me.

*models Regal one*
Figures they'd only give away ugly items emo someone make a seedy-middle-age-bowling-tournament cosplay
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Fffff I love the Regal one more <333 So great for many Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or other Japanese RPG-esque avatars ;3; <3333
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Invisible Hoarder

They both look lovely, but I won't be throwing out cash for them.
Someone on the first page mentioned this, but it reminds me of Kingdom Hearts as well.
I can already see the cosplays coming from them. XD
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Mega Noob

I got both, but I don't really know how/why.

Eh. Just another item to rot in my invo, even if the colors are kinda cool. 3nodding
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

I got the not-as-awesome Checkered Duet Jacket. I still like it.
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I really like the checkered one.
I like them both.
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I just got the checkered one. I think they are nice for something that is free.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Oh those are nicely made! Still not gonna spend cash on the site but I will buy them MP style when the price lower. *i r cheapsakez!11 dramallama
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I'm a bit puzzled, I have hoarded some Gaia cash for a month or so now, and haven't redeemed any cash, nor do I have AutoCash. But I got a Checkered Duet Jacket today and have no idea why... I'm wondering if I got it by mistake. o.o
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Konan Tatsuhiko
Can't be alchemy because there are too many listings

Hahaha, I found that to be particularly telling about the state of the Alchemy system. XD

On-topic though, I have one of each because they're not that bad (bought the autocash jacket because I'm not crazy enough to sign up for autocash), and because you never know when I'll actually use 'em.
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Those look really good! I guess I haven't spent enough to get any of those, yet. I hope the regal one deflates s'more.
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yum_hotdog yum_hotdog yum_hotdog
They're super kewlz!!!!1!
No seriously I think they're gonna be very usuable.
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I kinda like the two jackets. Hopefully they'll go down in price soon enough.

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