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Bloodthirsty Man-Lover

Horns and Tail. Pretty much just can make anything with them, the combo is always great with almost anything. 3nodding
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Shy Seeker

I'm too easily bored to keep any one base or set theme/items. emotion_facepalm

I like variety, so I change things up a lot. That said, back when I joined in '06 (first account lol) I had a couple of set looks. But after a couple years, there were just so many shiny new items that I couldn't just stick with the same look.

Since then, I've tried every sort of base, changed genders about monthly, and never bothered with a set anything.
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I became a Troll some time ago now (08 i think) I was not for a while but it just didn't look right. I have so many outfits that work with my ears tail and earring that I don't need to worry. I change the clothes quite often but my Gaia persona is my Troll now.
I don't think I'll ever unequip my Band of Bremen legs; they're just so dainty emotion_kirakira
I'm not sure if I'll get bored of it though. I've only been on Gaia for a month.
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High-functioning Lunatic

I've been a dark elf pretty much since the potion was added, and now I don't think I look right as a human anymore. Whenever I try I just revert back to my dark elf skin.
What keeps it from getting boring? The fact it looks amazing with almost any outfit I can come up with <3
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Demonic Abomination

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I have a "nekkid" version of my avi saved in outfits so I generally use the same base and change up the clothes. If I'm feeling creative or want to go with a certain theme I usually either use skin and wig items to alter the appearance. My avi has "evolved" since I've joined but the character itself has remained for the most part the same.

My base is actually the Dark Elf potion from last Halloweens event but the skin I normally equip hides that nicely.
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Cluttered Kitten

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I keep all my favorite avis in my saved outfits slots. They very slowly fill up over time.
I hope we get more slots sometime soon because I have a hard time letting my favorites go.

Those saved outfits are sometimes used as bases for me. I'll remove some items & try to rework old avis.
Sometimes those bases turn into completely new avis that look nothing like the originals.
It's a cool to to create new outfits: starting from something old & evolving to an entirely new look.

I've been using my current avi since last October. I've tried to create a new one from scratch.
I've also tried to create one by using my current as the base I explained above. So far, no luck.
I'm just too smitten with my current to change her right now...
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I have the character in my sig/profile. Luckily, it just uses a different default skin tone, so I can change back and forth at relatively no expense. I change my avatar very often, so it's kind of rare that I go back to that character, but I keep the art there since it's basically my Gaia identity.

I have a lot of my favorite avatars saved in outfits though, even though I don't have many slots (I'm cheap :D ). I usually take screenshots of the avatar and the items that make it up when I'm in avatar edit. Endless outfit saving!
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Man-Hungry Pirate

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I switch bases once in a while. For a long time my avatar was pale, like I am in real life, then a dark elf, then I went with this skin shade. I recently changed my avatar to a male so I could get the Gender Swap and Sausage Fest achievements, and I'll keep it male for a little while longer to justify the price to myself.
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" Hey, it's me! Don't shoot! "

              »»» I mostly just stick to my default human base, though I have often used the Nano-C Robot Skin or the Antipathy Skin when it works for an avatar. I have never used any of the potions for very long before changing back to a human. I just do not like them as well.

" I did everything you asked! "
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I always keep an eye-patch.... and pale skin.

...mostly.... it's wicked simple, so possibilities are endless.
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Tipsy Reindeer

I don't do "base" character avatars. I can't do "base" character avatars. That isn't from a lack of trying either. I just feel compelled to change my avatar far to frequently, and I have way too much fun playing around with different items and different themes. Hence why Nin is a shapeshifter.

I do have a nine-tail fox base I do go back to from time to time, as well as a reindeer base come the holidays. But I've don't use them enough to consider myself AS them, and when I get the itch for something else (as I always do) I don't feel bad for changing because I know I can still go back to them should I wish. I do enjoy changing them up from time to time, adding new things here and there.

If we're talking stictly avatar base skins though... I've been a dark elf since their first appearance, and the grey variant since the potion came out. It gives me more variety as it acts as a nice base for a lot of my more fantastical clearly-not-human avatars.
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Frozen Sex Symbol

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I have been a bald grombie with a back and blue (and often red) avatar since 2005. I have yet to be bored of this look! The way I see it:

1. It saves so much gold! I don't get a item simply cause it looks nice, now I buy only what I know what would look good my my style. This mean I don't buy a lot of garage that I won't ever use.

2. Avatar art. I have a lot of avatar art and guess what art I got in 05 still holds the feel of Shiver`.
User Image
done in 2005 I believe.

3. It's my look. Can't mess with this perfection. cool heart
I once had a set "base" that had evolved over a few months. I always wore a devil tail knock-off, HotD, an eye patch, doll ears or elven ears, buck teeth, were feet... I think that was it. (I wore buck teeth and were feet a bit before the whole buck teeth fad spread throughout the site.... but yeahhhh... looking back, my "base" fell right in line with that fad.) Anyway, I was super into matching avatars, so it really limited me. XD My avatars always had to include black and gray.. and pink... and I wanted to do so much more. * w*
So it was hard at first, but I let the base go~ and then I had so much fun. =D

*edit; I just remembered that i also had a small pair of wings. XD; And... this being back in, like, 05-early 07.... our wings choices were pretty shitty to look at. XD;;;

I think it's worth trying out another base for a couple weeks. It can't hurt anything. If you find that you must return to your angel imp base, you can always take another potion. n .n
.... Unless you're as weird as I am and feel like the new angel imp potion would never truly be right because it's just not the first one that you had for so long. Well, then you're SOL. ><
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'Angel Imp here, too, OP... I switched over from a human base right after I joined the site and have kept it ever since. (Although I did alter the skin tone when the Alchemy imp potions came out... Rather than being a basic Type A imp, my base is a slightly paler Type B-) I typically hide Al's wings under a white body dye, but it's still fun to let them show occasionally.

Honestly, the "no shoes" thing does annoy the hell out of me, though. Not because of the lack of shoes themselves, but because SO MANY of the leg/body mods we're getting these days are on the shoe layer rather than the pants or stocking layers, and that makes it impossible for us to use them.

I really wish they'd just drop that ridiculous "no shoes" thing entirely. It's beyond stupid... ESPECIALLY when it's starting to interfere with our ability to use other poses.

Body base aside, my avatar is a static character with a few things that never change. He's always a pale thing with white hair. (And yes, I refer to him and think of him as male, even though I went with a female base because it seems to look better in most of Gaia's clothes.)

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