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Manly Cub

I've been getting lazy with avatars so I usually keep wearing certain outfits for a month at a time. If I find a look I really like I assume I could rock it for a really long time.
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Bloodthirsty Bunny

(reeeed~ <3)

I pretty much keep to the same base look/theme and have for a few years now...
everything seems off when Rokke doesn't look like Rokke xD
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Kawaii Striker

Whenever I go tengu I refuse to wear shoes
my OC has little talon feet, she couldn't wear shoes even if she wanted to
I'd use talons if they made in in white/light cream alas I've got nothing
so I deliberately choose not to wear shoes, after a while it stopped bothering me

Every now and then I change into something non-OC
It can be pretty refreshing to actually get to use half my stuff
I swear Pen would disagree with half of my inventory
but I can't help buying such pretty clothes anyway D:
not that that's not a bad thing, I've saved money and cash that way
If my OC can't use the item, I don't buy it, even if I like the item
Anything with hair, eyes, skins, ect is lost on her
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Invisible Player

Lapin Lequesne
I have two bases now.
It used to just be this grey skin + ears
but I found with neutral avatars I needed something more... plain
So I found a cream set of ears too.

Otherwise, yeah, bunny base.

How long have you done it and how do you deal with head items?
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Perfect Saint

I do have set items and have been part of my look since 04. I promise myself I should change up, but I can't seem to do it. It's hard to pull off a sweet and holy avatar with demonic items constantly there. The latest item that I haven't gotten around removing is the Bloody Mary hair. It's got that character I liked.
Each time I can resolve the item issue, a mule is born. gonk
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Aged Elder

i almost never have a base. When i do, i put a skin on it and a fake face. All of which has left me plenty to do, what with the rate at which new items appear, even if i change more often than daily.
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Invisible Player

Alright, I am going to do it...I am going human. BUT I will put an imp potion in my inventory so I can go back.
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Tiny Pumpkin

I used to be a Vampire for 4 years I think. I was changed during the event. But I got bored of the face and I wanted all the pretty eyes/face mods that came out, So I know how you feel. I have trouble finding nice shoes I like, I tend to stick to leg mods if I can. I would definitely mix it up if you are getting bored, it really helped me a lot.
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Merry Mage

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I've had vamp skin since I was bitten in the Halloween 2k7 event, and I never ditched the skin. Since Superior Form and Oculus Magica / Mythica existed, I felt no need to change it (since the doll skin looks like the normal base anyway, you just have to hide doll joints).

Now there are better eyes out I'm happier. Sometimes I wish I had normal skin because the doll joints don't match my avi and I can't hide them xp . That's when I try to use another skin (like with my current avi).

I have a base avi saved of Superior Form plus Oculu Mythica, tattoos, undies and a bunny tail. And that's because I've lazy. I used to have a signature look in 2003-2005 and then I said "******** it". There are too many items on Gaia not to have fun creating random awesomeness. 3nodding
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I do have a base I go back to, but I still like to change my avatar all of the time
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Fluffy Wolf

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Newp, always liked being human. I've been a vampire, alien, BOO skinned, but the novelty usually wears off. If I were a grombie for 2k5 halloween I probably would have stay a grombie for a grand total of a few months and then promplty switched back to human. And live 8 years of regret sweatdrop jk.

I admit that I've never changed my starter hair. I'll wear wigs, but that's about it.
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Blessed Hunter

Yyyyeah. It sure is a good thing that I like simple avatars for the most part, because I can barely wear ANYTHING with the centaur body that looks good to me.

When I'm masquerading as a human...well it's a little annoying that I can't wear shoes, but I can usually work around it. I don't really like being human anyway...Okore is a pony! : )
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Questionable Mage

Usually I have a pale human avatar, but lately I got bored of it and switched to the dark elf skin. It's interesting working with a different range of colors.
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A Redhead Angel
Lapin Lequesne
I have two bases now.
It used to just be this grey skin + ears
but I found with neutral avatars I needed something more... plain
So I found a cream set of ears too.

Otherwise, yeah, bunny base.

How long have you done it and how do you deal with head items?

A couple months now, and I just pretend ears are coming out of the hats or some s**t.
Not often does it bother me, nor do I wear hats often.
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Shy Warrior

User Image
I would find it very strange to change out of my base look.
Everytime I do, it feel....ick until I change it back. Nothing ever seems too look as good. And if I change it wouldn't match my art collection. I dunno, I am just never bored with it, even though it's been pretty much the same for years. I think since late 08..

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