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Discussion: How many of you have a set avi, set base, or some character that you always keep. How do you keep from getting bored with it? Why do you keep it?

I am an angel imp base. I bought the potion the first day it came out and haven't looked back...until now. For years I have dealt with the skinny base, no shoes, only able to wear leg mods if I want foot wear... I just worked with it. However, now my interest in Gaia is lacking and I am wondering if a new interest in shoes might help.
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Shoes will not rekindle your love.
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Red! 8D (It's Lulu/Jax/Gears/etc)

Yes, it can help to spice things up a bit. I find going with characters more fun than not- I've stuck with more or less this avatar for some six months now. While not really a character, I feel like people recognise it too much for me to be able to alter it now. lol
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Shoes will not rekindle your love.

Hahaha, I don't know why but this made me giggle outloud.

Lulu the Mainspring Lady
I had no idea it was you. lol
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Made me laugh when I thought it! So i knew it must be shared.

But honestly, I change my avvi constantly. Normally she's dressed similarly, (mostly naked) but sometimes I like going southern bell. Ohhh. And I change my hair nearly every salon update.
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I have five bases that I use. Some I use regularly, some I barely use at all.
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I'm like that but with human avatars.

I try to come up with clever human avatars, but always revert back to being an 'I am' koala or cathulu. gonk
So I guess I'm just really lazy.
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          I had a base that I loved and used for years and then I changed up a few things about it because I thought it would be interesting. It was for some months and then Xmas came about and I found it to be too restricting and I was becoming uninspired to make avatars. I went back to my original base and the inspiration came flowing back tenfold. I was going to make my pixie base a temp thing but I realized how much I missed it that I haven't gone back. I think it was because I missed the character I associated with this base. I had built her up over the course of four good years before I changed her species and then she didn't feel right to me anymore. I had no real background for her anymore. Going back to this base gave me a much needed burst of inspiration for both the character and the avatar.

          I say if you feel uninspired with a base change it up for a while and see what happens. Having a base that's not as restricting with things like hair and hats, like my last one was, really gives me a lot more freedom to create the kind of avatars I love to see.

I don't like being restricted/compelled to use a particular outfit or base. gonk
I do stick to blue themed avis though, and it's limiting already as it is without me trying to be faithful to a particular item/look or base. gonk

I will suggest selling your unwanted items and change your 'wardrobe'.
Or take a break from gaia, sometimes, that's the only 'cure' for disinterest in the site. 3nodding
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How do I keep from getting bored of it?
Just look at him!

Though, yeah. I have at least four or five other variations and themes. Used properly, the were set is bad-a**.
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Mmmm.... I don't really think about it much.

I usually don't tie myself down to that sort of thing. If I suddenly want to go for a completely different look then I tr it out.
I mean... I kept my original 'Jester' look for well over a year, and I still go back to it even now. But I don't ever force it on myself. Which I think is a good rule of thumb.
Gaia is a hobby. If the determination to keep an avatar for a long time is ruining it for you, then just change the avatar.
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A new avi a day, keeps your salary away!
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Man, you people with bases make me feel like I am abandoning myself, even if you don't mean too. lol
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I have a default base thing, but I change just to use as many items as I can. Sigh. I'm so flippy floppy.
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I have two bases now.
It used to just be this grey skin + ears
but I found with neutral avatars I needed something more... plain
So I found a cream set of ears too.

Otherwise, yeah, bunny base.

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