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Do you judge someone by their avatar?

Yes 0.39568345323741 39.6% [ 55 ]
No 0.38848920863309 38.8% [ 54 ]
Gold please 0.2158273381295 21.6% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 139 ]
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The only time that I feel compelled to judge anything avatar related is when it's blatantly obvious that something that I made was ripped off.
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Feral Smoker

I don't think its important, I just like dressing up. (In both real life and online) redface
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I tend to assume people are the same gender as their avatar...which can be awkward when they're like 'uhm, Guy *super girly avatar*'

Actually that happened to me once, when I was using the female base. Someone thought I was a guy. That was awkward.
Tute Sweet's avatar

Dapper Darling


But seriously, I only judge people for their avatars when I'm in a forum/thread about judging avatars (Word Games, Avatar Talk, Avvie threads in Heaven etc.) Most of the time I'm way more likely to judge you on your post content than anything else.
Some of my favourite friends on Gaia have absolutely frigging hideous avatars. Still love 'em.
Michael Fredrick Carswell's avatar

Friendly Friend

Honestly, the more time I spend here, the more I have to remind myself to actually look at other people's avatars.

I only care about my own, haaaa~
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I noticed that ever since I made my avatar into an elderly woman, I don't get hit on in town. I guess this is a glimpse into the future lol
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I don't judge other people's avatars. Only their posts.

Though I'll admit, if you have some stupid post style, like yellow text and glitter .gifs, I think you're two French fries short of a Happy Meal. I will automatically peg you as mentally vapid, even if you have a really thoughtful post. It just strikes me as dumping whipped cream and sprinkles on top of fillet mignon. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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Why do you think avatar appearance is important on Gaia?

It's all about showing off whether you want to show off how rich you are or how creative you are. That and I suppose it's a way to "express" your individuality, whatever that is.

Do you feel that people judge other users based on their avatars appearance?

Absolutely. I do it too, though I wish I didn't. Gaia has quite the few cliches and how you dress usually does affect how most will treat you (not all of the time but for the most part, you know it's true).

- There are the Rally hoes: tan skin, lusty, cloud slippers, katana, chyaku Norisu, etc.
- Rich Rally hoes: Devil horns/tail, oisin eyes, expensive hair like Thea, and above ^
- Forum Elite: Expensive eyes/hair, Rig pets, frilly lolita-types
- Show-offs aka "Katamari": Stick on as much expensive crap as you can find/afford
- Cosplayers: Self-explanatory
- The Regulars: Some sort of trademark look, style, etc.
- Aaand there are plenty more but I can't recall.

On another note, I do admire people who piece together avatars that just look like magic; avatars with outfits that flow so smoothly that it looks like it the items belonged together.

How do you feel your avatar shows your sense of self and style?

If my avatar depicted anything about me, I guess it would be my ever-changing mood. I make all types of avatars ranging from frilly to gorey, etc. My grandpa recently died so I'll probably be making some pretty gloomy avatars for awhile. My primary outfit is a dream-like purple avatar which matches my day-dreamy self.
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Why do you think avatar appearance is important on Gaia?
Self expression. Or well, it's about as important as dress up. Not very, but fun.

Do you feel that people judge other users based on their avatars appearance?
They do. People will call you noob or whatever if you wear poor clothing. Also, several people seem to think I'm a guy.

How do you feel your avatar shows your sense of self and style?
I like handsome men. heart And monochrome.

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