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Do you judge someone by their avatar?

Yes 0.39568345323741 39.6% [ 55 ]
No 0.38848920863309 38.8% [ 54 ]
Gold please 0.2158273381295 21.6% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 139 ]
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Starshine's avatar

Magical Gatekeeper

It's better to look badass than cute cool and I've seen cuter anyways xp

A good avatar won't save you if the stuff your write is rubbish, so no I don't judge people on avatars, unless they are wearing starter clothes. Then I think possible scammer.

I do make comments on people's profiles when I see a super creative avatar. Existential Existence's avatar comes to mind.
VVhip's avatar

Dangerous Sex Symbol

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I dunno, I guess people are wrapped up in popularity on here.

Having an expensive or cool avi is some sort of badge of honour.

My avatar is in a state of flux at the moment.
Paper Gears's avatar

Rainbow Tycoon

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Eh I like it when it's adorable but more often if it's a well crafted graphic avatar.
Nice color balance and such. Uses their items in a interesting and creative way.
Everyone else I judge by their posts. But if you have seriously cool avatar you are coool.
Heiros's avatar

Agile Glitch

I don't think an avatars appearance is important (it's just pixels), but it is a fun side thing to do on the site.

People are always going to judge others on something, so I wouldn't doubt that there is a number of people who're going to judge someone on this site based on their avatars appearance. Especially those who are still in high school and middle school.
Ridley Starsmore's avatar

Angelic Bunny

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Puhleeze. talk2hand
Liber Chronicarum's avatar

Kawaii Carnivore

I don ' t need my avatars to be standard cute or badass .That ' s boring and common .

I am a very haughty person : as long as my avi is not generic , interesting , a bit odd,represent my OCs AND my personality , I am as proud as can be .

*ruffles peacock feathers *
ninja-no-ryu's avatar

Tipsy Spirit

I don't really judge people by their avatars. I go by what they post for that kind of stuff. I just like to look at the avatars. You could have the most amazing avatar, and post like an annoying d**k- and no matter how much I'd admire the avatar I'd still probably ignore you.

I don't do "cute." That's not my schtick.
Albern Puppy's avatar

Fluffy Puppy

I will most likely stereotype people by what avatar I'm looking at. This is most important when it comes to a good conversation. I'd much rather have a legible conversation with someone in a creatively cheap outfit than a horrible snarling with something in an expensively rally outfit.
Dashing Valentine's avatar

Supportive Donator

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No one and I mean no one, is cuter than I.

I love dressing up my avatar because she's my OC so it's really fun to design outfits she'd wear. x3
August Star Of Heaven's avatar

Feral Elder

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I don't do adorable, sorry. But as Starshine has said I'm wary of toons wearing starter clothes, starting a chat with me then pm'ing me that they need this or that. BS. I earned my gold by booty grab they can earn that easily too
Paragonz0's avatar

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emotion_donotwant No way man.
Pankontra's avatar

Devoted Cultist

ehhh i like weird creature avos blaugh idk
In other forums, the avi doesnt matter much,
sometimes I even go with them peasant clothes and hipster shiet emotion_awesome
Dib-Stink's avatar

Anxious Lunatic

// Too busy being a bamf to be adorable. BV

I feel that avatar appearance is partially important mainly because Gaia is literally an avatar site.
Your avatar is attatched to you wherever you go- the forums, Towns, games, etc.
The fonder one is of their avi, the more enjoyable their Gaia experience may be.

And yes, people are going to judge one's persona based off of a mere collection of pixels. It's just the sad truth. Heck, I'll admit to doing it sometimes.
Cosplay avis might be judged just as hard- if not more so- as original avis what with that extra golden opportunity to lump them in with a certain fandom... which is not always necessarily a good thing. |D
But in the end, what it really comes down to is the post content.
And even that's bound to get judged. :V

As for my avi, he's a cosplay mule that I'm very proud of.
I adore the character, and I thought he would be easy to replicate.
It's a fun challenge to try to visually portray an already existing character. Regardless of the huge array of items, sometimes it's just near impossible to render something even close. But the cool thing is finding other little things to add to it- Things that don't necessarily abide to the actual character design, yet enhance it enough to the point where it feels like your own creation. But at the same time, you're receiving recognition for the cosplay, and it just feels pretty awesome. :>User Image
sometimesalways's avatar

Aged Gearhead

Oh I judge. I would never tell someone their avatar is s**t but I do judge. I can't help it. I like what I like. This is Gaia. The point is to dress up your avatar and use it to present yourself to this community.

That being said I'm not fond of cute avatars. They all blend together in my mind. Even when I dressed more feminine it would be more sexy than sweet. And now? Forget about it. Last time I stuck Sal in a dress was for April Fool's. I prefer a masculine simple look. It just works and gives my avi just a pinch of personality.
Amlin's avatar


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For me it reflects more on the persons creativity and artistic talent. I've always viewed the avatar system as a blank canvas. Every time I come here I always see some amazing avatars.

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