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With the abundance of items we have now, it's not as obvious as in the past.

I'm still surprised when I'm not wearing something from the Ciel series, though. They're popular for good reason.
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I know Agape scissors pose are used a lot often in my eyes, along with some items that are mint and cream (I know I use the sleeves from Daughter of Snows, but a lot of times I wished the cream part was a blue like Lady Evangeline or a pure white like the rest of the sleeves.) There are others that are used way too often, but I can't seem to remember them all right now.
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There was an explosion of red and black for a long time now it seems to be mint and cream colored items.

I've seen copy-cats of GCD regulars but no one item in particular that I think is overused other than the scissors from Agape.
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Oisins are way overused. But I still love mine.
Bremen and Keiko seem to be in every cutesy avi ever made.
All the cream, ever.
Navy/colbat and cream
Purple/black combo
And all the Ciel/Rosamund stuff

IRL one of my favorite colors is "Rosamund Red" but I call it raspberry red instead so people know what I'm talking about.
I managed to buy a purse with all of the following colors on it: Keiko blue, colbat blue, cream, white, rosamund red, and a generic cutesy pink. It's like all of the gaia color trends combined.
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I'm seeing Devoted Spica fairly often on blue-themed avatars these days. Especially the boots. Oh, and Sainte Ciel-Agape. I mean, an item that modifies nearly all recent items? Who can say no to that? I'd honestly be more surprised if it was NOT used so often.
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I see a lot of cream+frills or pastels. I'm a bold colour person myself so I do think cream, mints and pastels are overused.
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To be fair, the agape scissors are the single best pose on Gaia!

Oh absolutely, can turn some of the more anime styles to more manageable realistic styles.
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The only item im kind of tired of seeing is the "fell in the vat of grease" pose from Lusty. I don think agape is over used, since you dont really SEE it (just the effects) I rarely ever see anyone use anything other then the scissors from it. The scissors just make other items more versatile.
this. Luckly nowadays people are going for more cutsie than sexy avatars.

Also in the past it was pengu and seal slippers with winged anklets. I'm not gunna lie I did that for years until I found the slippers to bulky.
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Still tired of Lovely Lucie burning_eyes Although I haven't seen it lately ninja
'03 items that people are desperately trying to incorporate into their avis
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emotion_bigheart Black and red themed avatars. All of the time, especially in Towns. The Lawful Master skin.
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To be fair, the agape scissors are the single best pose on Gaia!

Oh absolutely, can turn some of the more anime styles to more manageable realistic styles.

I'm an unabashed Agape scissors abuser, my first though with any new hair or wig is "I wonder what that looks like with the scissors".
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Ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiels. Ciels and the god damned white/silver/cream as a color scheme. I despise it. It's like the palette equivalent of baby food.

I'm getting reaaaaal tired of cobalt since this last RIG, too. There are *other colors*. Rly.
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      Mostly cream items, but I myself have fallen into this category many times.
      Other than that, I can't think of one specific item that I think is overly abused.
      For a time there, the Marionettes (be they original or a recolor) got on my nerves.
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So aside from Oisin which I still think needs to BURN IN HELL...

Bunnie's hair from Band of Bremen. Ech, it doesn't even look nice either.
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You know what I want to see more? The color of olives, Imagine, a beautifully olive green wig. Or how about a pretty deep purple stilletoes (sic)?

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I prefer Kalamata olives and my cat eats them too! (seriously).

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