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Rosamund's Redemption has shown up a lot for me recently. I've wanted this item forever!!! emo Also literary luxury, but that is because mint is still a fairly popular trend right now. I'm just now seeing it die off, but very slowly.
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also, right now, The animal crossing face lol
but its ok so blaugh
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// I remember back in the day when it was all about striped stockings and those big honkin' tundra boots. |DUser Image
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Especially in the CB.
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Pretty much all of PRlSM's REIs are overused, but dammit, they're so gorgeous they deserve to be! No shame in taking advantage of really good-looking items and poses.

Also overused...pretty much everything I am wearing lol HOTD, Lucie, Paramour's Break boots, the Animal Crossing face, etc.
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Especially in the CB.

Ain't nothing wrong with that. cool

I see lots of pastel items. They all blend together in my head.
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I would say Lusty skin, Cloud slippers, and the Wind Security Blanket. If have seen so many avis using those three together.
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Anything cute, pastelly, and frilly. Or crammed with so much detail that it only matches another one of that item. Or anything that people use to make clutter avis.
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// I remember back in the day when it was all about striped stockings and those big honkin' tundra boots. |DUser Image

you brought me back to my pink hair, buckies and grass skirt days.

though TBH I think the site has so many items that no single one stands out to me as being super popular any more :/
Whatever is new and fresh I always see a lot of, usually right when it's released...then people seem to fall back to their usual things.
I don't pay attention much but I'd say all of the sainte ciel type items i see those a lot
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gaia_nitemareleft My sword lies with tradition. gaia_nitemareright The Ancient Katana is still a totally abused and overused item. It has been for a while now and tends to be a sign of upper class gaian's or elitists. I can't lie though, I totally used to have it equipped on almost ALL of my avatars. Eventually I had to sell it because I couldn't stop using it with everything and I had to conquer my addiction but now that I've sold it and haven't had it for a while I'm actually missing it quite a bit. User Image gaia_nitemareleft What are your intentions? gaia_nitemareright
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Pretty much all the pastel colors and cute/frilly themes. Don't misunderstand me, I freaking love them too but sometimes I need something different.
Also, legmods everywhere xD
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Even though I'm a hypocrite for using one at the moment.

Ancient Katana.
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Runcible spoon leg mod or the scarf

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