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get a job yay or nay

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This poll closed on March 10, 2005.
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it would be awesome to have gaia jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways i need money
I think we are supposed to make our own. Like me. (look at my sig)
ok do yopu think we should have jobs under gaia?
lets take the poll............................................................,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

Sure, why not we have money we should have jobs...
I've got a gaia job. I post and browse the site, and they give me GOLD! Imagine that.

xd I did. And it was a beautiful sight.
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Dat'll b gr8! Getting gaian jobs...
That would totally be awesome! I would totally wan a job! That is just a kewl idea! biggrin I wish they made jobs, but there should be like more than one person per job, cuz then there wouldnt be enough jobs 3nodding

PS I wanna Job! stare
i want a job !!!! biggrin
@____@ wow, deja vu. I've seen this sort of thread like 7 times in Q&F. xd

No, Gaia shouldn't have jobs. Jobs to earn gold are just.. egh, it reminds me of neopets. ~__~; Gold is hard to earn on Gaia, but that's what makes it fun and challenging! :O if you don't have artistic skill, go to vending or exchanging, if not that, then go fishing, or if not that, you can just get into discussions and post a bit! We don't need jobs. ~__~; I personally am fine just saying I'm an artist, and people can say they're "exchange whores". :/ it's like a title, but a job? egh.

and, is it just me, or does this thread kinda look spammyful? n__n;
can I just ask though, Logically, how would that work? would they just give you a paycheck in the week? How would you go about doing it? I just wanna know your ideas.
Im all up for a job!
i nedd a job >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want gold >.<

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