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I need to apologize to EVERYONE for this late, final update! The Modus evolved the weekend I went to Sac Anime Summer, in Sacramento! And, it turns out I had caught Bronchitis RIGHT before leaving, and I didnt know it! Annnd running around the con, going on kawaii lunch deito's with my girlfriend (who I hope I didnt get sick) and having wild Homestuck parties prooobably didnt improve my health! So, I'd been laid up in bed all week and am not fully recovered! But I AM well enough to finally update this! Please forgive my short-sightedness.

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Welcome to the Modus Operandi fanthread!

Released on March 28th, 2012 Modus Operandi is the first new full EI of 2012! And from the description is seems to be based around crime, specifically murder! The EI seems to be about forensics and solving the case of a serial murder! (This is what Im studying in college ;D) And the story seems to be taking place through the eyes of curious reporters, who are following the profiler's every move!

It ALSO seems to be based off of The Brothers Grimm and The Three Little Pigs! Examples, in the first artwork provided one of the officers running up the steps has a piggie tale, the reporters are named after the Brothers Grimm "Jacob" and "Wilhelm", Officers Sticks, Straw, and Bricks, and the items description being "Once Upon A Crime".

NOTE: Modus Operandi is Latin for "Mode Of Operation"

Story keypoints:
- When 3 princesses in a far away kingdom are murdered the locals call upon Detective Wolfe, an expert criminal profile to help solve the criminal profiler, who seems to have caught many a criminal with his skills. (It is noted that he has a bad attitude). At the murder scene's of each of the princesses Wolfe finds "Happily Ever After" scribbled in each of the princess' blood.

- Sticks, Straw, and Bricks open up Wolfe's profile cases, opening up to suspect 1: Rapunzel, a young woman with an overbearing mother who murders handsome, well-to-do men by strangling them with her hair. Her hands and feet are bloody-raw due to her scaling large towers without any sort of aid. She has claimed 22 victims so far.

-A new suspect has appeared! A traveling Piper who, with the help of his pipe, gathers all of the rats in whichever town he is resting in only to hold them hostage in exchange for unreasonable demands. And when they cannot pay, we takes a promising young towns-person, spiriting them away, never to be seen again. Wolfe is nowhere to be found.

-Hansel and Gretel's case files are up next. According to the file: they were abused my their step-mother and one day they cracked and killed her, baking her into a meat pie (which they later fed to their family). Once their father realized what had happened he took them into the woods, leaving them there. They found their way back and their father met a similar fate. They ran only to leave a trail of human meat pies in their wake.

-Goldilocks is the newest suspect, a cute lolita with a murderous streak. Officer Straw has yet to return from his search with Detective Wolfe. What could have happened? Stick's went after them, leaving Bricks all alone...

-An unnamed man strikes a deal with a future queen. When the man returns a year later to collect upon the deal, she refuses. He gives her three days to guess his name, if she can then the deal is void. In the end, she does not and fashions he innards into beautiful, red threads to be sold the next town over. And break in the case! Sticks sets out to find Straw, a forensics technician finds a fur-like substance at the crime scene.

-Jack was a boy who lived in a village enslaved by the giant, one night Jack snuck out and slayed the Giant in his sleep. Enthralled by his victory, he ran from home to have other giants meet the same fate. Wolfe finally returns back, but without Straw or Sticks! He seems evasive when questioned by Bricks.

-The tabloids are abuzz with the hit band Cutie And The Beast! Cutie goes through more bandmates then Fox goes through new hit TV shows and the public has begun to wonder what became of these souls, as theyve vanished from the face of the earth! That is until one day a reporter finds Mignonette, the bands singer, in a fight with the guitarist and insists on kissing him before he departs, but her purple lipstick is poisonous and kills the man instantly. Later, police find where the missing bandmates have vanished to...

-Wolfe finds a 100 year old case about a beautiful Mermaid from a clan that lacks souls, the one thing she desired. To gain a soul a human must share theirs with hers, she finds a prince and they being to date. But soon after, the princes attention strays, this drives the mermaid mad and she slays the prince and his new lover with a special, soul-stealing dagger. She wanders the world, stealing souls and keeping them in her diamond necklace to prolong her immortality. Wolfe is still being evasive as to the whereabouts of Sticks and Straw.

-We have a murderous, handsome drug(?) dealer who... charms you? Honestly, I have NO ******** idea whats going on with that guy, Im skipping that part.Bricks questions Wolfe about straw and Sticks, fed up, Wolfe leads Bricks into the woods. What ever for, I wonder?

-Next we have Snow White! Snow is concerned with her personality to the point of insanity, going to any lengths to fix her imperfections. Driven by jealousy of the Queen, Snow constantly tries to make herself better then her. One day, she slays an innocent man with a shard from her broken mirror. She hasnt been seen since.

-Wolfe did it. Wolfe did it. Wolfe did it. Wolfe vanished, but the bodies of the three investigator's were found along side a bloody message "Happily ever after".

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Artist: This EI is a collaboration between a few artists!
Phase 1 Artist: Reapersun, Mishiri and Milkbun
Phase 2 Artist: Milkbun
Phase 3 Artist: shavostars Her Journal
Phase 4 Artist: Mishiri
Phase 5 Artist:Buki
Phase 6 Artist: gem2niki
Phase 7 Artist: pyawakit
Phase 8 Artist: Prism
Phase 9 Artist: Pepper Tea
Phase 10 Artist: Reapersun
Phase 11 Artist: bluefeathers_onDA
Phase 12 Artist: collab?
Release Date: 3/28/2012
Completed: 8/31/12

Price: 999 GC
Past Collab EIs: Gogh Reed, Nightmare, Antique Shop
Evolution Cycle: Every two weeks
Phase 1:
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Phase 1 Secret Poses (Camera poses) :
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Phase 2 poses:
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Phase 3 poses:
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Phase 4:
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Phase 4 secret poses:
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Phase 5:
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Phase 5 Secret Poses: (stuffed bear poses)
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Phase 6:
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Phase 7:
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Phase 7 Secret Poses: (axe poses)
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Phase 8:
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Phase 9:
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Phase9 Secret Poses:
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Phase 10:
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Phase 10 Secret Poses:
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Phase 11:
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Phase 12:
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Phase 12 Secret Poses:
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Characters (Those bolded in red are suspects:
- Wolfe (Detective/profile)
- Officer Sticks (Policeman)
- Officer Bricks (Policeman)
- Officer Straw (Policeman)
- Wilhelm (Reporter)
- Jacob (Reporter)
- Rapunzel(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- The Piper(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Hansel(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Gretel(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Goldilocks(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Rumpelstiltskin(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Jack(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Mignonette(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Unnamed Mermaid(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Red Hood(Known murderer, possible suspect)
- Snow White(Known murderer, possible suspect)

Murderer: Wolfe

-A fur-like substance

~Suspect Profiles~
Suspect Profile:
Modus Operandi: She targets handsome, well-to-do/wealthy men, who are then strangled to death.
Murder Weapon: Her own long hair
Psychological Profile (done my me) She has an overbearing mother (which is common amongst serial killers), which most likely meant she had little to no friends growing up, as overbearing mothers tend to hover and dictate whom their children may associate with. It is also likely that Rapunzel had little to no free will growing up, as overbearing mothers manipulate their children through anger, tears, etc. and will tear down any choices the child makes for him/herself. Rapunzel most likely is very calculating with everything she does, as children of overbearing mothers tend to learn towards perfectionism, and if she is a perfectionist her leaving the hair behind means that she wants people to know she killed those men so that she can take credit for her work, like a calling card. She most likely kills her victims due to her own social shortcomings, as people who grew up like her dont take very well to failure and will often blame outside forces and people, she is also violent, which shows in her choice of murder: long, slow, agonizing. She is also most likely a loner, preferring her own company. Because she is a victim (of her mother) she feels justified in her actions and murders.She is also likely to be intelligent. /rough profile
Number of Victims: 22 (over 3 years)

Suspect Profile:
The Piper
Modus Operandi: Holds towns for ransom with an army or rodents, always making unreasonable, impossible demands. And when they cannot pay up he kidnaps a promising youth from whichever town he's taken residence in. Few bodies were found, and none of them yielded any clues about a murder weapon.
Murder Weapon: Unknown, as the bodies have little evidence.
Psychological Profile: (roughly done by me, with what little was give about him) The Piper is a mysterious man, with next to nothing known about him, except that he never stays in one place long. I believe that, since he plays the "Ransom" game with his victims (for unreasonable demands), that he has some sort of god complex, that he feels he is outcast because he is above them, that he feels justified in taking lives because they have power over life and death, like god. And since his demands are always impossible, it shows that he likes to watch those below him "squirm", which points to a sadistic nature. He also is incapable or error or fallacy, he is God, God cannot be wrong. He may also have a disregard for rules in general, as he feels himself above the rules set by society. His greed probably stems from this complex, as everything is his, even the people who he toys with.
Number of Victims: Unknown

Suspect Profiles:
Hansel and Gretel
Modus Operandi: They're vagrants who travel from one location to another, possibly gaining the trust of others only to turn them into meat pies.
Murder Weapon: Unknown
Psychological Profile: (roughly done by me, with what little was give about them) Child abuse is a very common theme amongst serial killers, and the physical and psychological abuse can spawn any number of psychologial disorders. One disorder they may have picked up from their step-mother was the "Jekyll and Hyde" routine, where they appear normal to the general population only to hide the monsters inside. And the fact they they dont stay on one place indicates that they feel no attachment to anyone or anything but one another due to having weathered so much together. However, one of them is most likely the alpha, the one who controls the other, one who is able to manipulate the other into doing what he/she wants.
Number of Victims: Unknown

Suspect Profiles:
Modus Operandi: No known MO, as this was (possibly) her only murder.
Murder Weapon: Shards of glass
Psychological Profile: Since she brutally murdered a family that welcomed her into their home with absolutely 0 provocation, other then the fact that she thought theyd make nice clothing, it is assumed that she is a sociopath/has antisocial personality disorder. However, there is next to nothing given about this character, except that she seems childish, and children tend to have a huge ego, meaning they are self-centered, their world revolves around them. They live in the here and now and dont think of the consequences or how others are affected by their actions. Her personality tends to, possibly, lean more towards the "id" then the "ego" or "superego", and she probably has a skewed moral compass.
Number of Victims: 3 (presumably)

Suspect Profiles:
Modus Operandi: Kills his victims, turning them into thread
Murder Weapon: Unknown blade
Psychological Profile: He's a predator. He finds someone in desperate and in need and goads them into striking a deal, which they dont think about at the time. And if they cannot pay up, he will play the "guessing game" with them, so possibly some sort of sadism, since it gives his victims plenty of time to squirm, even though he knows their fate. The way he uses his victims and fashions them into clothing/thread hints at some sort of psychopathy or sociopathy, but I have too little evidence to know which one it is.
Number of Victims: Unknown

Suspect Profile:
Jack The Giant Killer
Modus Operandi: He kills giants with an axe, justifying it in his mind due to the monstrosities he faced as a child.
Murder Weapon: Axe
Psychological Profile: Jack doesnt see a problem with killing giants, mainly because of the way one giant treated him in his childhood. He can justify his slayings as saving lives/people from who he perceives as "wicked" or "evil", in fact he feels no remorse for his actions, he even revels in them. He probably doesnt see them as living creatures, which is how his mind can justify "destroying" giants.
Number of Victims: Unknown, atleast 1.

Suspect Profiles:
Modus Operandi: She seems to kill whenever her current made tries to leave her.
Murder Weapon: Poisonous lipstick
Psychological Profile: Mignonette could be what is known as a "black widow". They prey on husbands, lovers, friends, or family members who are known to them and trust them. So, when the relationship ends so does the bandmates life. It is also possible that she has control issues and taking the others life could be seen as a final act of taking control of someone else's life-- for good. She could also be grasping to some unreal dream of a "happily ever after" and is unable to cope with the idea of losing that happily ever after and keeps those men with her in death. Since she is a public figure it is entirely possible that she has Munchausen syndrome, and kills her men as a way of garnering attention from the masses, since they simply believe that they left her and are still alive. Without much info on her any of these, and a few other things, are entirely possible to explain this Cutie.
Number of Victims: Unknown, 1confirmed (but still more then 1 murder, no exact number was given)

~Suspect Profiles~
Suspect Profile:
Unnamed Mermaid
Modus Operandi: She kills to prolong her own life
Murder Weapon: A magical dagger
Psychological Profile; Not much is given about her, other then her beauty, her dagger, and her lack of soul and that she kills to prolong her own life. Her lack of a soul probably also means she lacks empathy and a conscience, meaning she could have been born without remorse and sociopathic tendencies.
Number of Victims: Countless, 2 known for sure

Jisen Meizuki

Red Hood's profile
Suspect Profile: The Hood
Modus Operandi: He seems to target those who are either drug addicts or first-time "customers" that come to his street. Killing those who want to have "high time" with the Red Riding dose.
Murder Weapon: A syringe filled with Red Riding.
Psychological Profile: ((Warning: The following description is based by my observation. Apology for the lack of theory; however, it's my observation from what the description in the announcement stated.))

It seems The Hood has the similar traits as the big bad wolf from the original story.

+ Waiting for prey that comes into his street ((Wolf waits for prey to come into his wood))
+ Having the roguish handsome look to manipulate you with his words and charms ((Wolf manipulates RRH to take longer route, claiming it was a shortcut to grandmother's house))
+ He may not be what he appears to be. (aka: Murderer/drug dealer disguising as gentleman salesperson) ((Wolf disguising as Grandmother))

Although it shows that he's a laid-back person who likes to have fun, it also shows that he is a drug addict and has been dosing himself with Red Riding based by the description "When he compliments you... he'll miss you for a moment. But he quickly forgets." It is unknown how much dose does The Hood take, but not enough to overdose himself to be killed.

It can also be known that The Hood is no medical doctor or have any experience in the medical field, using the syringe filled with Red Riding as his weapon, since he either can't find the blood vein to give a shot (it's also unknown if he is under the influence of Red Riding when giving his "customers" a shot) and that his victims are overdosed.

He will also pressure the victims into trying out Red Riding based by the description, " "A free sample," he'll tell you, but you won't know to refuse. He'll murder you, with a roguish smile, and you will let him."

Number of Victims: Unknown (Although I'm guessing about 70% are first-time "customers." >>' )

Suspect Profiles:
Snow White
Modus Operandi: She seems to travel and kill in fits of rage driven by her own narcissism
Murder Weapon: Shards of glass
Psychological Profile: All signs point to malignant narcissism, a for of anti-social personality disorder, as she is overly obsessive of her personality, has fits of psychotic rage, and is capable of sadistic behavior. She also seems to lack empathy for others, common amongst individuals with anti-social personality disorder. Her lack of empathy for others is driven by her own self-centered obsession with her appearance, meaning she doesnt go as far as to care about the well being of others, all that matters is Snow. Its not likely she will stop, as she feels she is imperfect and has a compulsive need to "improve" upon herself.
Number of Victims: Several known murders tied to her

spoiler]Suspect Profile:
Modus Operandi: Kills victims with small knife, leaves the message "happily ever after"
Murder Weapon: small knife
Psychological Profile: Wolfe seems to be a serial killer of no real origin; no past, no present, no future. The best way to describe him is a "wolf in sheep's clothing", he can keep killing and remain hidden simply by being in plain sight. Who would suspect the criminal profiler? Wolfe is meticulous and is able to kill so easily because he understands the mind of a killer, he is a killer who hunts other murderers, sort of like an apex predator.
Number of Victims: 6 known (three princesses, three detectives)

3/28/12: EI is released. Princesses murders arent moving along, Detective Wolfe is brought into the case. Reporters follow his every move.
"Modus Operandi takes place in a faraway kingdom where a third princess has just been murdered. The local police working the case-- Officers Straw, Sticks, and Bricks-- are baffled. Serial homicide, in their little kingdom? They decide to call in help in the form of Detective Wolfe, an expert criminal profiler with an enormous file of known felons, and as the cops soon discover, an abnormally bad attitude.

Upon examining the scene and photos of the previous murders, Wolfe quickly discovers the connecting link: a scrawled "happily ever after" in the princess' blood. A clue to the motive, or the signature of a dangerous serial killer? Peculiar, the officers think, that no one saw these notes until Wolfe arrived on the scene. Meanwhile, Wolfe's presence in the kingdom attracts attention. Some local reporters take interest in documenting Wolfe's progress on the murders, promising to make the investigation even more difficult for the officers.

As Wolfe continues his investigation on the field, the police return to their station and begin to sort through Wolfe's index of killers, finding each one more horrifying than the last...
Report Link

4/13/12: First evolution and first suspect appears:

"New developments in Modus Operandi have Officers Straw, Sticks, and Bricks opening up Wolfe's case file of serial killers and coming face to face with the first suspect, Rapunzel. Not much is known about her except hints of a troubled childhood and an overbearing mother who never let her out of the house. Her murder weapon appears to be her own long hair which she uses to strangle her victims to death. There have been samples of hair left on at least 22 victims in only a 3-year period. Aside from Rapunzel's distinctive long hair she is known to scale very tall towers and structures and has destroyed much of the skin from her hands and legs. It is not known at this time the motivation behind the killings but she seems to prefer young, handsome, well-to-do men." Report Link

Theory: Since the three little pigs are there, a few posters suggest that Wolfe (Big Bad Wolf
) is the killer, but he's also the criminal profiler assigned to the case, similar-ish to Dexter, killing while in plain sight.

4/28/12: Second Evolution and Suspect:

" Modus Operandi profiles another killer, this one known to most as The Piper. His methods are unusual to say the least. Reports say he'd show up in a new town with a new name and begin to fit in, learning about the people and what motivates them. Once comfortable, he will find his way underground and lure rats to the surface with his strange pipe, effectively holding the town hostage in exchange for demands that are logically insane and can't be fulfilled even if the town wanted to pay-- things such as 50-foot-high solid gold statues of his childhood dog, to be finished by sunrise.

If the town can't pay up-- and it's believed that no town ever could-- he takes from them what is most precious: A promising young member of the town. The only victims recovered were found years after he'd departed-- far too long to tell exactly what had happened to them or to guess where the Piper would go next. His assembled profile suggests he's probably motivated equally by greed and the feeling of complete control over a society that he feels has cast him out. Officers Straw, Sticks, and Bricks would be asking Detective Wolfe what he thought about the Piper's involvement, but he's nowhere to be found. Officer Straw's been sent to investigate...
See Report

4/28/12: Third Evolution and Suspect:

"Hansel and Gretel were brought up in a small town's dessert shop by their father and stepmother. Their stepmother was a possessive, fraudulent woman always looking for the father's attention, and any notice he gave the children would drive her mad with jealousy. She regularly abused the children and would blame their bruises on the children fighting with each other. With the children disciplined and sent to their rooms, the stepmother would have more time to spend with their father.

One night, the pair slaughtered the abusive stepmother, baked her into a pie, and fed her to the family. When their father realized what had occurred, he took them deep into the woods and attempted to abandon them there. The children were able to find their way back, and when they did, they took their revenge by killing their father and disappearing into the night.

Not much is known for certain about the whereabouts of Hansel and Gretel after the incident, but with similarly-maimed victims found later, it's assumed that their acquired taste led them to a life of serial murder."
Report Link

5/25/12:Fourth Evolution and Suspect:
Modus Operandi looks at the secret life of Goldilocks. After having found the perfect porridge, it's said that she savagely murdered the kind Bear family using shards of their own porridge bowls, then skinning them and wearing their fur. She figures the fur coats would look "Uguu kawaii" alongside the rest of her cute lolita style.

Back at the precinct, Officers Sticks and Bricks are poring over the files when they realize it's getting late, and Officer Straw still hasn't returned from his search for Detective Wolfe. Sticks volunteers to go out on patrol and look for them, leaving Bricks alone. Goldilocks' case file is enclosed at the bottom of this announcement.
Report Link

6/8/12:Fifth Evolution and Suspect:
In a close-knit country community, a small, horrible man has a history of preying on those in dire need. In his most famous act, he came upon a young woman who needed to spin a great amount of straw into gold. In exchange for her necklace and ring, he spun gold for her for two nights. On the third night, with nothing left to give the man in return, she pledged to give him her firstborn child.

He returned a year later to collect the newborn. When the young woman-- now a queen-- wouldn't give the child away, he offered a new deal. "I'll give you three days. If by that time you can guess my name, you shall keep your child."

She had never asked his name before, so she began guessing every name she'd ever heard of. The most common names came first, but each one was wrong. His name was not Michael, George, Joshua, or the countless others she'd asked. On the second day, she tried more uncommon names, but the man was not named Franz, Pietro, or Cubert. On day three, with her time running short, she shouted every name-sounding word she could think of. "Bibbo? Joery? Davearoni? Boogaloo?"

Growing impatient, the man growled and lunged at her. In one quick motion, he fatally sliced the woman's abdomen with a hidden blade. He spent the next several nights weaving her entrails into beautiful red spindles. With the popularity of red clothing in that distant town, there's a very real possibility that the killer has had many victims, and has sold the product of his victims as clothing to unknowing members of the community.

As Officer Sticks departs to find Officer Straws, a forensics technician comes in with new evidence from the crime scene that he presents to Officer Bricks-- strange fibers found near the victim's bed. They can't be sure what it is until it's been tested, but it seems to be a sort of fur-like substance. An illustration of the killer's case file is available for your review at the bottom of this announcement. Report Link

6/22/12: Sixth Evolution and Suspect:
Jack was a child slave, a member of a subjugated village lorded over by an evil giant. Driven to his breaking point by witnessing firsthand the cruelties committed by the giant, Jack snuck out from the village and managed to slay the beast most gruesomely while it slept. Excited by the thrill of killing the one that had hurt him, Jack ran from home and set out on a twisted quest of justice to butcher all remaining giants.

Back at the precinct, Officer Bricks looks up from the case file when the door creaks open, and it's Detective Wolfe... but he's alone. Bricks tries to ask Wolfe about Officers Straw and Sticks, but Wolfe avoids giving direct answers before finally saying he hasn't seen them. Bricks glares and directly asks where Detective Wolfe has been this whole time with such an important case going on, but again Wolfe looks around, darts his eyes a bit, and mumbles something unintelligible before going off into a corner with the case files.

7/6/12: Seventh Evolution and Suspect:
Modus Operandi examines (t)he tabloid terror of international sensation Cutie and the Beast. Reports describe the band's charismatic lead singer, Mignonette, as a dark, troubled beauty with a romantic and professional preference for burly, tattooed guitarists. Indeed, it seemed The Beast featured an endless series of new guitarists, who, when inevitably they split from the band-- and from Mignonette-- would immediately disappear from the public eye, never to be heard from again...

The horrifying truth behind The Beast's ever-changing line-up came to light when one nosy paparazzo snuck into a recording session at the secluded Ch√Ęteau Pastorale. After a violent break-up with her newest guitarist, Mignonette convinced him to give her one last kiss before he left the band for good. She applied her trademark violet lipstick, and after a deep, scandalizing kiss, watched as the poisoned purple gloss caused the poor man to asphyxiate at her feet.

Police later discovered the skulls of countless missing bandmates-turned-boyfriends in a secret display case behind Mignonette's many industry awards. Remorseless and smiling seductively, she is reported to have said, "If only it had been true love, we could have lived happily ever after. Maybe you'll be my Prince Charming... Got any tattoos?" Report Link

7/20/12: Eighth Evolution and Suspect:
Detective Wolfe's research led him to a very unusual, very old case spanning nearly a hundred years. The files describe a gorgeous mermaid-- perhaps the most beautiful of her particular clan-- with only one envy in her heart: Her particular branch of merpeople are without souls. Seeing as how she could usually get whatever she wanted, this is the first thing that had ever caused her to feel truly empty. She consulted some of her elders, and it was explained that merpeople without souls can gain one if a human shares theirs with them. With the intense need for a soul fueling her decision-making process, she made the deal to become human and find a soul to be shared.

It wasn't long before she met a prince, and the two shared a polite but ultimately tepid date together. The prince's attention couldn't be held for long, and he looked elsewhere.

This drove the mermaid to near-madness. She had seen enough of the prince's soul that she knew it was destined to be hers. It became clear that she'd need to make another, less noble deal. This time, she was given a special dagger that she could use to steal souls directly. She used it without much delay to slay the prince and his lover, and took possession of their souls.

The mermaid remains human, is thought to be still active stealing souls, and is nearly immortal because of it. She stores them in precious stones on her necklace that resemble diamonds, and by the count of them, she's been quite busy over the last 100 years.

Detective Wolfe is still brooding in a corner looking over notes and case files. Any attempt by Officer Bricks to question him about the missing officers or the case result in ominous glares and vague, half-hearted answers. Bricks is becoming suspicious of this Detective Wolfe and it's only a matter of time till he discovers what's going on. Report Link

8/3/12: Ninth Evolution and Suspect:
Looking for a good time? If you happen down the right street at the right time of night, maybe you'll meet The Hood, a young gentleman with a reputation for getting what you need. What you won't know is that it's not just good times he carries in the bag on his hip... You won't have heard, but you might pretend that you have, of the "newest thing" he has to offer you-- the vial of Red Riding. "A free sample," he'll tell you, but you won't know to refuse. He'll murder you, with a roguish smile, and you will let him. When he compliments your eyes, you'll know you're his type. When he compliments your hands, you'll try to run for your life. When he compliments your mouth... he'll miss you for a moment. But he quickly forgets.

Back in the precinct, Officer Bricks has become fed up and impatient with a brooding Detective Wolfe. "Shouldn't we go out there and keep investigating? Or maybe looking for Officer Straws and Sticks? They may have found something?" he called in Wolfe's general direction.

Finally frustrated, Detective Wolfe jumped up and exclaimed, "That's it! Officer Bricks, come with me. I want to show you something," and bolts out of the precinct. Bricks snatches his coat and rushes after Wolfe, trying to keep up on his shorter legs. "Where are we going?" Detective Wolfe stops and lets Officer Bricks catch up, "I don't want to spoil the surprise. Follow me to the woods. There is a secluded spot up ahead where no one will bother us."Report Link

8/17/12:Tenth Evolution and Suspect:

This week, another grisly tale from Modus Operandi, courtesy of artist bluefeathers_onDA: Snow White was a beautiful young woman, but vain to the point of obsession. She spent hours in front of her mirror, rouging her cheeks and braiding her silky hair, determined to be the fairest in all the land. But there was another woman, more beautiful and more beloved - the lovely young queen, who enchanted not only her new royal husband, but every heart in the country, with her long golden hair and kind smile. Snow White never ceased comparing herself to the queen, criticizing her every imperfection, indulging in the latest skin rejuvenation techniques, and cinching her waist tight to achieve that perfect hourglass figure. Inevitably, she would find some fault in her appearance - a pimple or a chipped nail - and turn desperately to her current beau for validation.

"Aren't I the fairest in the land?! Aren't I more beautiful than that simpering little queen?!" she would cry. The poor man would try to calm her hysteria, but every compliment rang hollow in Snow White's ears - they were all lies! Enraged, she would break her mirror and slash the man's throat with the cold edge of a shard of glass.

Still at large, Snow White has at least seven known victims, and authorities are concerned for the queen's safety... Report Link

8/31/12:Eleventh Evolution and Suspect:
As the Modus Operandi comes to a perplexing end, a newspaper article and a case file (attached to the end of this announcement) are all that's left to finish the tale:

By J. Grimm
A grisly scene unfolded in our little kingdom earlier this week when the bodies of Officers Bricks, Sticks, and Straw were discovered in a forest clearing. They appear to have been killed some hours apart, with the same small blade.

The prime suspect in the case is Detective Wolfe, the criminal profiler who had been working with the officers on the recent Princess murders. Articles of Wolfe's clothing and his blood, most likely from a minor injury sustained in the final struggle with Bricks, were discovered at the scene, as were the words "happily ever after" written in the officers' blood. The startling resemblances to the scenes of the Princess murders, and the fact that there have been no further killings since his disappearance, suggest that Wolfe may be connected to those as well. Having met this abrasive man myself several times during the investigation, this humble reporter certainly believes him capable of murder.

No evidence has of yet been discovered as to Wolfe's whereabouts. But sleep tight, little kingdom, this brutal killer will certainly be caught before he can strike again. After all, who's afraid of the big bad Wolfe? Report Link

Discussion Points:
- What do you wanna see from this EI?
- Who do you want to see working on this?
- Do you have high hopes for Modus?
- Who do you think killed the princesses?
- Whats the motive?
- How long do you think this will last?

EI Art:
[x][x] [x] [x][x][x][x]

Black Death Goddess
Okay so far we've had from The Brother's Grimm

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Hansel and Gretel
and now Goldilocks and the 3 Bears....what's next?

Well here are some more who wants to bet which one is next huh?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Town Musicians of Bremen
The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Six Swans
Little Briar-Rose
King Thrushbeard
Golden Goose
Jorinde and Joringel
The Clever Little Tailor
Snow-White and Rose-Red
Sleeping Beauty
Little Red Riding Hood
Who's gonna be next?

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More reapersun! More more more twisted
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Looks like another COP. No thanks.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.When I first saw the announcement I was like a COP squeal already?! But then got happy when I saw more then one artist will be working on it so no one can use that 'too busy' excuses for the next few years...I hope.
Though right now no items I want...yet. But since it is a mystery item I hope to see more blood and jewelry involved. Then I will be lusting after it I'm sure. heart
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this ei is gonna be awesome emotion_c8
add me to the fanlist when you make it please emotion_kirakira
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x Karurie x
Looks like another COP. No thanks.

The Jester says...

But made my multiple artists. So it probably won't have the same..... difficulties, as the Case did.

...you are highly entertained
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I want in on this fanthread.

It reminds me of the comic series Fables.

I would really like this item, but cannot afford it at this time.
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LOL, it looks like a prequal to the Case of Pietro!
Its going to take THREE years to finish evolving. emotion_awesome

Sign me up.
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sign me up, please. whee
Funny. The first thought I had when I saw MO was also that it would be the next Case.

Looks like Reapersuns at it again
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So many Fables similarities, I am so excited.
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Ohh, multiple secret backgrounds when you put your arms in different positions when camera is on heart
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OH SNAP! The Camera! If you equip it, different hand poses give you DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS!!!

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