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Raissa Firehawk's avatar

Familiar Gaian

Maybe xD Mmmm, chicken nuggets...

Maybe they're spirits of people from ancient times...who once fought over a lover.
I was looking over DT's work and i hate how she does humanoid figures. I think the clothing shes done is average but when it comes to accessories like jewels and stuff its very nicely done. I also think the creatures/backgrounds she does are divine, the detail is just right. Im hoping that she makes this one mostly accessories and creatures.. with a few inanimate objects... t me those are her greatest strengths and this EI can become her best if she focused on them.
Note that im not trying to put her down but rather sort out what i think are her weak X strong points.
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[. . .]

Looks like an interesting EI.

I agree with what people have said about the resemblance to magatamas. Granted, these look a bit overly curly, but it's still close. I also like the transparency that the ghostly tails have when you layer them over your avatar.

I hope they aren't related to the Sentinel/Overseer plot :

Add me to the fan list, btw!

[. . .]
Raissa Firehawk's avatar

Familiar Gaian

@Janish - Added =D

Soo...Magatamas it is!
D e l i r i o u s's avatar

Shameless Conversationalist

Really? Really? You have a fanthread dedicated to squiggly lines?

Granted, it's Drinky, and they do look like magmatamas, but still.
Raissa Firehawk's avatar

Familiar Gaian

Thanks for the support =D We know the Jewel will be beautiful when it evolves!
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To me it clearly is going to be an item revolved around a rivalry.

At first when I saw it I thought Reaper, but then realized she has much on her plate she hasn't even finished (granted body-mods are extremely time consuming). The colors striked me a O.kage and Orin plus the word tadpole was mentioned so that's why I originally though what I thought.

But now that I know it's Tengu I can expect eyes, and her own unique form of skins. In that area of EI's I'm not her biggest fan, but like Letat said, her most detailed works are accessories and backgrounds. Just by looking at all of Tengu's work you can easily guess it's going to be heavily based on a Japanese folklore.

That is my rather useless insight, but I do hope this EI turns out to be something amazing~

I don't recall who mentioned something about it going to be awesome because of the price, but price NEVER determines the way people like any EI or its awesomeness.
Oath to Ouroboros 's avatar

Friendly Gaian

This EI Remind me so mush of the Furugaza...I think is because Tengu made it.
I will probable buy it. ~nods~
Raissa Firehawk's avatar

Familiar Gaian

Yep, its the same artist as Furugasa =D
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I see a Inari-like/Fallen wish in this item. I'm gonna buy 2 of this one. I'm sure it's gonna be great. I hope it's going to be a Dragon... Wait and see...
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I need to get one.

I could tell at one glance it was probably Drinky, and if it's Drinky it = heart

Add me to fanlist please?
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Greedy Entrepreneur

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Reposting my original post:

Madalyn Plith
This new Evolving Item is, as everyone is guessing, going to revolve around water deities. There are two names involved with this item: Enko and Daija. Researching both of these names, on sites with ridiculously long URLs and blocks of text, reveal than Enko is a Monkey, and Daija is a serpent. I feel it would be safe to assume these two animals will become a major part of this Mizuchi item.

I hope the future generations won't focus on companion items but will offer a variety of wigs, skins, various special effects, and clothing. Inari's Beads was a nice balance of companions and various other useful poses, so I hope this follows the same philosophy.

A lot of people seem to ignore the two names and they don't do a Google search on them. There's plenty of information on Enko and Daija.
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Thank God. Finally another DrinkyTengu item.

Now I have something to look forward to.
To me, everything Japan-related is something to look forward too <3

I just hope Tengu will use her creativity and come up with something aweeesome, like Inari's beads are~ That EI is my fave out of japanese-themed. So I hope Mizuchi will be even cooler, yaay!
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I don't think I have one of Drinky's items... I definitely need one.

And, like other people, I am hoping for the Kappa versus Dragon/Snake theme. Mythology is love. heart

EDIT: whoops. Forgot about Bad Moon. And sign me up please~

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