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Last updated: April 23, 2010. 11 pm PST.

Welcome to the Mizuchi's Jewel fanthread =D We love the Mizuchi's Jewel EI!
We also love Drinky Tengu, the artist <3


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(More samples for using the Jewel in Post 7, after Speculations!)

Released: January 8, 2010

According to Tektek
Last evolution: April 23, 2010
Done now...?
Tektek page

~A tadpole-shaped stone which always seems to glisten with moisture.
It changes color as the two spirits dwelling within carry out their ancient rivalry~

From the first EI report:
Timmy: ". . .Mizuchi's Jewel-- right now, it looks like some kinda tadpoley piece of stone, but if I've learned anything from years of EI reports, it's that this thing is gonna turn into somethin' real neato."

The two spirits are named Enko and Daija.
They appear to be starting out as a fish and a salamander.

Created by Drinky Tengu, artist of:
Yama no Tamago
Yemaya's Pearl
Changeling Babies
Capt Ara's Nestegg
DNA Vials
Drome Eggs
Padmavati's Lotus
Pantheracorax Agate
The Experiment
Kelp o' th' Loch
Bad Moon
(List taken from Stein's EI journal)

About 200k Gold
749 Gaia Cash
Marketplace Listing for all gens

Jan 8 - Thread open! Mizuchi's Jewel released!
Jan 16 - Past 50 fans! Woooo!
Jan 29 - Evolving today!
Feb 14 - We have reached 100 fans!
Feb 19 - Third evolution!
March 12 - Fourth Evo!
EI Report details: There's an amazing update to Mizuchi's Jewel-- it was a brilliant item to begin with, but now we're really seeing it bursting forth into the major leagues with some gorgeous new headwear, cool belts and mystical animals.
March 19 - Mini evo! Blue fish scales and snake tail!
April 2 - Fifth evo! SO MUCH EPIC! THANK YOU DRINKY!!!
EI Report: Mizuchi's Jewel has another colorful update-- if you were guessing it would feature a giant cucumber, congratulations! You got it right!

EI Report: It wouldn't be an epic finale without a ton of poses, would it? Look for appearances by a scary turtle lady, an amazing dragon, plus new skins, wigs, kimonos and more.

Must there be rules? Sometimes yes.
If this thread turns messy looking like the Chatterbox, it will get moved to the Chatterbox.
We don't want that. Keep this thread clean and intelligent please!
All posts must be related to Mizuchi's Jewel!
(Please simply direct your posts towards the person you're responding to. ex: @name - )

-No bumping or random posts
-Don't quote the first page

A few kind words for DRINKY TENGU <3
Dear Drinky,

You may think that your latest EI is a pile of dragon doo-doo but don't despir, We love it and await your next installment in form of an evolution (or twelve but no pressure! xd ). Don't take notice of those Bawwin' idiots- they know nothin' 'bout what you're doin'.

Anyway I'm writin' this in ways of support as well as the other folks in this thread (Mizuchi's Jewel Fan thread thingy by Raissa Firehawk). We're rootin' for ya an' I reckon all your stuff is just brilliant.

Keep up the good work!


Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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Are you intrigued by the new Mizuchi's Jewel?
Want to show your fan pride?
Post your name and I'll add it here!

Please state in your first post if you do or don't want to be added to the list.

Press Ctrl+F and type in your name to see if you're already on the list.

1. Raissa Firehawk
2. Sakimichi
3. MadPad
4. Kyu UniDoll
5. Lupas Deva
6. saya-kitsune13
7. Stardust Typhoon
8. Bigt275316
9. Kimera Mizaki
10. Dj Angelic Hentai
11. koolknight
12. -Letat-
13. Essence De La Vie
14. Aetherwaves
15. Rairi Sakurai
16. Janish
17. N i n e IX
18. Mystic Requiem
19. Madalyn Plith
20. Zany Czar
21. Kyra Fawxe
22. Commander Penguin
23. Lyndes
24. Oo-Xzia-oO
25. XxXx_JAVIER_xXxX
27. Horror Fantasy
28. Coyote Starrk
29. Alurknova
30. RAcastBlaster
31. Faelinnada
32. Shiruba Touzoku
33. Estrada Da Estrela
34. SaikoTaiko
35. lilwashu2002
36. Thrashing Chaos
37. CheeseCupcake
38. FoxWingDrgn
39. The Chibi Factory
40. Elektrakosh
41. magnus exorcimus blast
42. -Demonic Sleep-
43. Existential Existence
44. Sanctified Lord
45. -LLLC
46. Thrashing Chaos
47. saturncrow
48. N i n e IX
49. Sabin Le Rose
50. iJor Jor
52. Viceroy Krowe
53. o0 Rin 0o
54. nopz22
55. Sacred Romance
56. Roi Rouille
57. Prince Forever True
58. CloudControl
59. Heads Will Roll
60. Faux Memories
61. Ryougi Shurimpu
62. E spiritus Halloween
63. smartass_himitsu
64. xweek
65. Fukushu no tenshi
66. Classified Chaos
67. Dype
68. Xana Xeya
69. illseeurprettyfaceinhell
70. Jupiter People Trap
71. 10 of Hearts
72. bigbirdman225
73. JennyHarper
74. Insanitys_Deathwish
75. e-mantehdragonchamp
76. Kit-Kun101
77. Kuchis Wizardly Business
78. Hi-Potion
79. Shyts and Giggles
80. Raz2b
81. Respectable Person
82. Spes ver eternus
83. serangel
84. Saint Drogo
85. Mizuki Ayu
86. Alrescha
87. Spaztastic Cookies
88. Mellow Mouse
89. Lenre Li
90. Duskshadow
91. BlueDyce
92. Rust Harlequin
93. Commander Penguin
94. Owlysan
96. marshmallowcreampie
97. Rawk Hawk
98. i am with u all the way
99. xXAnnon_KiiXx
100. Deviant Ingredient
101. CA3SAR
102. Granny E
103. The_other_side
104. FrenchBananaHorn
105. Konan Tatsuhiko
106. lostphrack
107. Insanitys_Deathwish
108. Draconic Oni
109. Blue Darling
110. Kuyusi
111. Corydoras
112. real illusions
113. Happy Starfish
114. Bunai
115. KK Squared
116. Kiyoura
117. Wyrn
118. Kaitan Guo
119. emantehdragonchamp
120. Classified Chaos
121. Fenzaku

Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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Here I'll post the most recent poses. I'll try to keep up, but I'd also love some help as the Jewel gets more complicated. Thanks!

Phase 1

User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

Phase 2

User Image

Phase 3

User Image

Phase 4

User Image

Phase 5
User Image

Final/Phase 6
User Image

Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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Post your wonderful fanart in the form of links please! Posting the actual pictures stretches and slows the page.

[url=link]name of art[/url] by (your name)

Mizuchi's Manifestation by Elektrakosh
Mother Pond Bunneh by The_other_side
pond bunneh Skin by The_other_side
pond bunneh swarm by The_other_side
Fanart 2by -Letat-
Colored Mizuchi by Psyri
Water dragon by Elektrakosh
Dragon scribbles by Elektrakosh
Dragon by Psyri
Another Dragon by Psyri
Pond Bunneh! by Psyri
Jewel fan art~ by Respectable Reason
Edible Pond Bunnehs? by Existential Existence
Kappa and Salamanders by bigt275316
Attack of the Pond Bunnies by bigt275316
Battle of Dragon and Kappa by bigt275316
Animated Pond Bunnies by Elektrakosh
Long live the POND BUNNIES! (possible joke pose?) by The_other_side
New Evo~ by The_other_side
Enko n' Dai by Bigt275316
Phase 3 by Mizuki Ayu
More artwork by The_other_side
Elektrakosh's 'ride-on' pose ideas: Salamander and Koi
FableCat's clothing ideas
A Koi Passion by GoldSage
Daija by N i n e IX
Elektrakosh's Mizuchi and Koi
A Sexy Wallpaper by -Letat-
Thanks Drinky Tengu =D by Existential Existence
Mizuchi Constellations by Mizuki Ayu
Phase 1 and Phase 2 by Mizuki Ayu
Existential Existence with the Jewel
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Free Cake! (by Raissa Firehawk)
User Image

Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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Wanna make a banner or two for our favorite EI? Post a link!


User Image

User Image

User Image
made by smartass_himitsu


Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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What do you think will Mizuchi's Jewel turn into?
Any ideas?
Please don't argue and whine if I don't post what you said. I can't keep up with everyone, or fit everything here.

-The description says something about a tapdole...and two warring spirits

A traditional ghost/japanese item because of it's shape and weird glow


I guess we'll get a kappa and some sort of snake river-god out of it.

There actually was a page on Wikipedia about Mizuchi. Wikipedia Page

Zora Kalina
-The stones remind me of Magatamas. More info here.
My theory is that both of the deities spirits got trapped/sealed inside the stones somehow, but even still continue to fight each other for some reason. More importantly, hy are they fighting if they're the same kind of creature/deity?

Raissa Firehawk
Maybe they're spirits of people from ancient times...who once fought over a lover.

Coyote Starrk
Info: The jewel is a sacred jewel. An Mizuchi is a river god/deity a unhorned dragon.
thats basic info its not a kappa at all

Madalyn Plith
This new Evolving Item is, as everyone is guessing, going to revolve around water deities. There are two names involved with this item: Enko and Daija. Researching both of these names, on sites with ridiculously long URLs and blocks of text, reveal than Enko is a Monkey, and Daija is a serpent. I feel it would be safe to assume these two animals will become a major part of this Mizuchi item.

Well "mizu" means water, and by the description, it is definetely a water related Japanese spirit thing...And "chi" is spirit or power or something. Water Spirit's Jewel?
And second, from my childhood learnings (I'm half Japanese, and grew up learning about Japanese folklore), "daija" is usually a giant white snake god-like thing that lives in water...
But perhaps it is a Daija (white snake god) fighting another Japanese god?
I have no idea what a "enko" is, sorry.
But I googled it, and got a few images of a kappa.

So I think that the Serpent god and the kappa/monkey got into a fight when
their powers collide imprisoning them into these stones.

Prince Forever True
Since it's by Drinkytengu, I think it will have highly saturated colors, as well as lots of skins, and lots of recolorings of the same items.
Drinkytengu's other items like the Lotus, Nestegg, and Pearl are colorful, and also have lots of skins and body parts (like the naga tails and the mermaid tails). The Kelp had the kelpie bottoms, and the Yama had tengu skins and tengu wings.
Reading from the other posts, it seems that this item will be based off of a mythological creature. I read that it could be a dragon, or a kappa. If it is one of those, chances are that Drinkytengu will include bodyparts so that we can modify our avatars to look like them (like kappa bodies, skins, etc).

-Companion beasts.
-Long hair wigs.
-Swords / Staffs
-Obi xD even if it is not a Kimono.
-Sea background.

Rairi Sakurai
I would love some companion poses... And maybe jewelry. I used to be a big fan of weapons, but some look to clumsy for my liking. D:

9 IX 6
- I am poses
- Hair/Eyes
- Chinese style items
- Background and effects Like water splash
- Aura teal/red surronding us

I would love a Spear with the flame coming off the tip.

I just realized that I would like to get blue and red suspenders from this with the desine that's on the tabi socks idk why I just want them
well i know a way it could work...you could have each suspender be like a dragon that goes over the sholder and biteing the waist of the pants holding them up then on the back side of the avi the tail could attach to the back of the pants i got this idea because chinese dragons are generally pretty long

It could be a jewelery dragon...
a little dragon resting on owner hand or shoulder..

I would love to see a End Pose where the avys are holding a red jewel in one have and a green one in the other with the flames coming from them like fireballs.

maybe gloves, like the peasant gloves but with the same designs as the stockings? smoke like when a magician makes an escape. maybe tattoo's of the time period this is taken from or representing the item. bluish green eyes or redish orange eyes.

Drinky, You should mini evo the dual sleeves onto it.

Draconic Oni
I'd love more poses with the flames by themselves. Also how about some more translucent looking skin or clothing?
Weapons would be nice.
And I read on Wikipedia that it's suppose to be a water dragon of some sort. Seeing as there is a sad lack of decent dragon items on Gaia (like I've been wanting a tail that looks like the blue dragon tail from that one game promotion, but it's the wrong shade of blue) [except Fallen Wish, which to a dragon addict like me, is the greatest EI ever created xD]
Perhaps something like a spiked salamander tail or the feathery gills on mudfishes?

Post 1: Info/Updates/Q&A ~ Post 2: Fanlisting ~ Post 3: Poses ~ Post 4: Fanart ~ Post 5: Banners ~ Post 6: Speculations
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Familiar Gaian

Random Samples

Here's how people have used the jewel. Maybe you can get some ideas too <3

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Mizuchi Fans in zOMG!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Wanna make a Dragon/Kappa parade in zOMG or Towns? Tell us so we can meet!

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Familiar Gaian

Thread now open =D
I'm intrigued..2nd fan? ;D

some speculations:
a traditional ghost/japanese item because of it's shape and weird glow
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Playful Man-Lover

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Like already stated in another thread, this is my theory:

I guess we'll get a kappa and some sort of snake river-god out of it.


Besides this ancient orochi reading, the kanji 大蛇 are commonly pronounced daija "big snake; large serpent".

http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Orochi (Etymology section)

Although the word kappa, originally from the Kanto region, meaning child of the river, has come to be generally associated with the creature, there are more than eighty regional variations (ONO 1994, 14), including: kawappa, gawappa, kawako, kogo, kawataro, mizushi, mizuchi, enko, kawaso, suitengu, komahiki, and dangame.

http://www.questia.com/googleScholar.qst;jsessionid=LHZSdXTs415BmpsrGPQy00bGWT1VrVJ0ss95TbrjwXxq0snLk3cC!-635650599!-165273011?docId=5001401621 (second last text passage)

You know, those to thingies are named Enko and Daija. :3
Raissa Firehawk's avatar

Familiar Gaian

Welcome =D Thanks for the info. Sounds very interesting!

IRL Phantom

How can anyone like anything Drinky makes? :<
Very nice. There actually was a page on Wikipedia about Mizuchi. Even though Wikipedia sometimes isn't accurate I thought I might as well post the link. Wikipedia Page
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I hope it ends up cool. Going by the price it should be.
The shape reminds me of the Magatama from the anime Otogi Zoshi.

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