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maggie iratus
There are 23 stores. And region-lock, while annoying, isn't racism.

Actually, there are 24 stores.

That's too much math! scream
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Kowai Wolf
"General Error
We're sorry, but this store is only available to users in the U.S."

......I live in the U.S., that's the first time I've gotten that error report for anything. lol So either CA decided to succeed recently and I'm unaware or there's some kind of tech. issue going on with this shop. Especially since I looked at this shop a while ago.

First, I completely forgot about this thread.

Second, I'm amazed it's still getting attention.

Third, I can't believe I made that typo. sweatdrop
BLK Kitti
General Error
We're sorry, but this store is only available to users in the U.S.


Oh no! D: That HAS to be only because it's under construction! I would think that it'd be a little silly if they had a new cosplay shop open only to Americans.

it's been open for a while, and only to users in the states. if i remember correctly it had something to do with item licenses.
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Hey there everyone, I'm going ahead and locking this topic as the issue has been addressed (quite a number of times) that due to licensing reasons, users outside of the United States won't have access to the Mecha Neko shop to directly purchase the items inside. At this time, it's the best compromise that's given to allow the items to exist at all so users that reside in the United States can purchase them and sell them to other users via the Marketplace and/or Gaia Exchange Forum.

If there's any questions or concerns about this, feel free to let me know.


Darien S.
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