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Star Wars vs Avengers

Star Wars 0.58204334365325 58.2% [ 188 ]
Avengers 0.41795665634675 41.8% [ 135 ]
Total Votes:[ 323 ]
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Alistair Krowe
There is no third option.

Therefore, I cannot give unto you an opinion.
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Flickering Hope
Fenrir No Okami
I'm a HUGE and LONG time fan of BOTH so this...this has me torn....I will say, Avengers, see it. Best film possibley of the year, I dunno it's still early but it's gonna be a tough win. However SW shall ALWAYS hold the strength of the Space Adventure Master. So...yeah....tough call...can't choose realistically. But....wow.

I will bring you to the dark side.

That a Promise? wink Oh wait-that probably reveals I'm already there....Dangit....
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I like Avengers
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Witty Fatcat

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May the 4th will always be a Star Wars day in my eyes. Darth Vader id definitely made of pure BAD@$$ery
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star wars will win twisted
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Star Wars!~
Most Definitely Star Wars the characters are just amazing and Darth Vader was like the best villain of all time and there are so many awesome quotes from the movies that live on today smile
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GO AVENGERS!!!!!!! My favorite thing on the earth!!!
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The Avengers are just pure awesomeness!
AVENGERS!! All the way! the best thing of the year
PSSSHAAA! Avengers YO!!!!

Okay so we have a great controversy on our hands here.
Jedis VS Superheros is essentially what this boils down to. So the question we have to ask our selves is this: Do we limit ourselves to simply items and pushing people around with our minds? OR! Do we make sonic waves with our hands, blast energy beams from our chests, look cool with an eye patch; and last but certainly not least, take on all the other psychos in the universe that can do the same thing... if not better biggrin

Your choice really smile
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Star Wars. No contest.

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