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Buying a set, and wearing said set together are two totally different things. I know quite a few things in the gold shop that I want to be more than one colour of the same thing. I usually buy one out of a whole set because I don't usually have much gold on hand.
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Stone-cold Cat

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When new items come out in the GS i generally buy every item in orange and yellow.
But in the case of the new headbands last year, i bought every last one
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

To Whom It May Concern,

I don't ever buy sets, I will buy the same item in different shades though.

Sets kill my creativity and ability to match things. emo


Lady Xem
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Sugary Fairy

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I h8 just matching colors; i go for a story or whatever i think looks neat
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I'm always kicking myself for seeing a new gold shop item that I love, and then buying it in every color.
I won't always buy the shoes, AND the coats, AND the hats, etc., but, for example, the Raven tails in I think Barton Boutique, I bought all of them, and have only used the red/ black one.

If it's an item that I find later on, while trying to jazz up an avi, I'll usually behave and only buy the one color that I need. (Forehead jewels, for example.)
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Ice-Cold Knight

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i buy sets yes, but i try to use the individual pieces indivudually
If I really like the set, then yes. But usually I just buy individual pieces.
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Salty Phantom

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I just get what I need for a particular avi at a time. Eventually I may grab the other colours or whatever of a set, but I don't use them all together.
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I buy whole sets but I never wear more than two pieces from a set.

I'm the same IRL, I hate it when all my clothes come from the same shop or I see a mannequin wearing the same as me! gonk
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          ● I just buy the colours that I use the most, like black, white, orange, blue, red and yellow.
          Or I sometimes buy the whole set, if I can.
          If I really like them all.
Entire sets for me then when I get to my inventory I start to mix and match. I have too much stuff sweatdrop
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I buy whichever items I feel will come in handy when I design new avis, whether at the moment or in the future.
I never use more than one set item at a time though. I like the challenge of creating avis with no sets.
But having the items on hand when I'm playing around with items & poses is very helpful.
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Bookish Hellraiser

I don't use sets much (on rare occasions I'll use two or three poses on the same item, but that's it.) It's just plain boring if you center your avatar around one set.
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Tipsy Reindeer

I prefer to mix and match. It is very rare that I'd get a whole set, and now that I think about it I can't say I actually own a "complete" set of items... I don't think I actually do, at least not a set of more than two items anyway. I'll have to look. confused Usually I'll buy only what I think is useful, and for non-store multipose items I'll usually only get two of that item max. You know, because sets lack creativity and all that jazz. Though I keep in mind that owning a set of items and using that set of items on one avatar are two totally different things. After all, different parts of a set can be useful for different applications.

I will admit I think there is only one item I wouldn't mind getting a couple more of to complete the outfit set... but that's only because I really like that item.
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Mewling Muse

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I just buy every single item I like. No regrets! Unless I don't have enough gold. Boooooooo... :C

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