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talk2hand Clothes. Who needs them?

if I do match, it's entirely unintentional. Snakes are hard to color coordinate sometimes emo
I mix and match.
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I'm not a fan of getting complete sets, as I like to mix and match. And if the colours don't go together, then I try to coordinate all the other colours. For example:
The outfit I'm wearing now, I couldn't find a vest like this in yellow, so wha I did was I went with the green vest and then I put on the High Tops to bring it all together. Sure, the yellow is too bright on the shoes, but at least it all comes together in some way!
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I usually buy what I like in all the colors available. If I like the entire set, I'll buy the entire set. I probably won't ever wear the pieces all at the same time though. Lately, I've been buying anything that is white. I think I might have a problem.
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I don't buy an entire set but I do buy parts of one if I can make them work.
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    I haven't bought a set in a long time... I don't even in think I really ever bought a set in 2004? D; I always mix and match, keeps things interesting. 4laugh
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i shop just because i love shopping nothing more.
if i get something t much well thats good smile
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No. Never .
The fun is about having only one them and then find something that will go well together , that is not from the same set .
Set usage kills creativity imo.
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Nymphotic Baku
When you shop for clothes in the online gaia NPC stores, do you buy an entire set or do you tend to mix and match? I feel like my OCD makes me want entire sets at once crying

I like to mix and match. I rarely buy matching sets.
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Hm.. I don't think I've ever bought a full set. XD
I normally just buy items that I think are good looking. Sometimes in
a few different colors if more than one strikes my interest or I think I
can make use of 'em.

I don't normally use gold shop items though.. from what I've actually
noticed about my avatar making anyway. Though I really do love
some accessories.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I mix and match
that's less my OC way
but my personal irk for wearing sets
not very creative at all and I like to avoid it
most I do is two items from the same set
sometimes it's unavoidable

but it's something I don't really judge on users
unless you're submitting it to the avatar arena
then I'll judge the hell out of it
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Sometimes I buy sets, but usually I don't.
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I buy individually for the most part. There's usually one piece I like more than the rest and I end up just buying that most times. Really like that latest cash shop stuff though, two whole sets I'm really a fan of.
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I buy everything, but I'm certainly not going to wear it all together. I just like keeping my options open, and for some reason I can't be bothered to go shopping while making an avi.
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I rarely buy sets, but if I find an item I like, I usually buy all the colors available for it.

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