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When you shop for clothes in the online gaia NPC stores, do you buy an entire set or do you tend to mix and match? I feel like my OCD makes me want entire sets at once crying
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          I pretty much buy a whole set if I like it, which I generally do since I love gold shop items. Though if I'm trying to save some gold here and there I try to restrict myself to colors and/or items in a set that I think I'll use the most.
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I refrain from using sets because I like challenging
myself to find items from different sets to match. c:

But of course, if the set is simply amazing I'd
buy the entire thing...especially if it's a starter
set and each thing is 5 gold.
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            I only buy a set if I really like it, which is rare. I don't like outfits that are full sets, it's just not creative. I love to mix and match.

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I can only afford one or, if cheap enough, two. I managed to get 2 Dark Omens this month, but that really killed my wallet. My wallet is now undead.
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Not really. I tend to mix and match more.
I don't usually like the whole set, I'll usually just like one or two pieces from it, so I rarely buy the whole thing.
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I very rarely buy a whole set of anything. And even when I do I never EVER wear a set. I'm more likely to buy every color of one item.
Call me elitist if you want, but I just can't stand it when I see people wearing a set. Whether it's every pose in one item to make the whole outfit, or something they bought at one of the gold shops.
It's just lazy avatar creation IMHO and I just don't see the point.
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i tend to buy sets if the set is beautiful. even starter ones but it's mostly mc's that i complete more than anything. i want to collect the tropical dancer sets and the raven sets from the gold shop.
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I pretty much shop in the NPC stores like I do IRL.
xD Only buy the things that look good to me.
And that usually never consists of an entire set.

I'm a lot more freely spending when it comes to gold shops
though. O__o Items are usually a lot cheaper and it doesn't
hurt as much if I splurge out some gold for some wardrobe
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Entire sets are kind of frowned upon in some areas.

I prefer to just buy what goes with my style. I pretty much only stick to this style now.
I'm really lazy with avi clothes so I buy items that have the same shade, but I haven't bought a set yet.

The area that I spend time on my avi is the hair/eye combo. This is where I'm a bit fussy. whee
I go by with what goes with this stone hand of mine.
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I usually mix and match.
I'll get an item that works with an avatar I've got in the works.

If there is a set that I adore, I'd probably get all of it.
But I change my mind on things all the time.
It's ridiculous.
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Using a set is too easy. I don't even use the same item to get two different poses just to match the colors.
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I used to not be able to make a matching avatar and then I practiced and practiced until finally I managed to come up with a successful matching avatar.

I rarely use sets now. However, I remember when sets were everything to me.

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