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Corinth Maxwell
this will be fun xD

stare More like insanely creepy, but w/e. gonk sweatdrop

why insanely creepy?
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Peyo has a new girlfriend. surprised
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omg i want its a a halo lol
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can someone explain what the 5 dollar thingie is ? i don't get it and it's a bit frustrating ^^u
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Retro TV
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Peyo has a new girlfriend. surprised

xD good one..
These entries are hilarious heart
Keep up the good work!
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Supreme Sentai

Retro TV
Peyo has a new girlfriend. surprised

LOL. My favorite so far xD
So simple.
i love the animated items but COME ON!!!!!!!!you cant just make them and set a limit on how long its going to last,we gaians pay real money and work hard to get this good stuff and you put a limit an how long the animation is going to last.I love gaia but that is horrible.you wold get a lot more people buying that stuff if you didn't put a limit on how long it wold last.its a wast of money to buy an animated item and in a month its useless,PLEAS PLEAS DON'T KEEP THEM LIMITED!!!!
What is a five-dollar-foot long edit?

And what programs are people editing these in?
I'm in love with Nymphalini's mash-up 4laugh heart

I'm going to pass on this contest since I'm not computer savvy razz Good luck to all!
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Retro TV
Peyo has a new girlfriend. surprised

I donĀ“t get it D:User Image
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Time to poke fun at outfits...
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the last comic made me lol
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4laugh heart looks like fun >////< 4laugh heart

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