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I'm too lazy make another email address for a mule.I don't post much topics myself. But I don't think it's shyness that preventsme ffrom making topics. But a lack of an interesting subject to discuss about. And worrying about how much of my topics will be sent to the CB.
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I lurked more 3 years ago than I do now. I'm still a bit shy but I like sharing my thoughts when the subject is interesting.

As for making subjects, I made a few over the years. I spent more than a day planning what to post because I don't want to get unnecessary attention by embarrassing myself.

I use my mule for stuff other than posting in the forums.
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I think topics should only be made if there is something new to be discussed.

Having said that, I never make topics. Or, very rarely.

Why? I don't have anything novel to say, and I don't care enough about efame or self distraction to make reused-but-slightly-different topics. Don't get me wrong, they keep the forum moving, and give newer attendees of the GCD some stuff to talk about that they might not have seen before.

I just would rather not be responsible for those topics, they rarely get past a few pages and I suspect they're boredom killers more than struck from inspiration.

If I'm bored and still feel like posting, I head to Word Games. It's brilliant organised fun.
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Making posts and threads isn't a drama for me.

I'm more shy about art and so I have a mule I use for giving art XD

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I tried getting into making more topics, because it is fun. Now, I can't seem to think of anything original. Possibly because I'm too distracted by RL things, and anxiety. I don't post much for that reason, too.
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Feral Girl

I don't make topics often because I feel I can't be a responsible, interactive, and engaging OP who responds to other users since my activity on Gaia tends to peak and wane. I'm not really that shy but I am not sociable. The social aspect of Gaia is of minor importance to my enjoyment of the site. I'm here for vending and art! My mules are mostly silent and are used to store and sell miscellaneous cheap stuff that I don't want cluttering my main inventory but I'll post with them if I am on one and come across a deal in the exchange or can't resist giving my two cents on a GCD topic.
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Lavish Lunatic

My expectations for a topic I make are so high I don't even start. Too much work.. wink
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Tipsy Genius

I don't really make topics because I don't know how to host a topic.
It sounds crazy, but I'm just not sure if I'm supposed to reply to everyone,
or me replying to everyone makes me look too eager, or what
if the people who I didn't reply to will think I'm mean.

Yup, plenty of reasons to not make topics.
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Smitten Pumpkin

I lurk more than I post, but I go through periods where I post often, and then for one reason or another, go into lurk-mode again. Part of it is shyness; sometimes I just have nothing to add, or don't feel up to interacting.

I rarely make topics. If I were to make one, I'd triple-check that it was all within the guidelines, forum etiquette, etc. Sometimes, I feel more comfortable on mules, and so end up acting more playful or lighthearted on them.

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