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Go ******** figure. I get up to 1 day and then Gaia ******** adds a day. Now back to 2 days and then they come out with a sink. I'm about to say ******** that new Loyal lie of a shop.
Seabook Arno
I'm trying to figure out a use for the ears D:

This lol. I love the colours on some of them but I hate using animal ears when they're not the same shade as the hair. And naturally I have no hair in any of these colours lol.
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Those wiiiiings. I can't wait for the list.
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Unsealed Senshi

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I think I'll ask my friend if she wants any of my lavender items. I don't use that color but she does. n_n
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Fabulous, fabulous items, fabulously relevant to the festivities, fabulously sinking gold.

I love Loyal more and more as the days pass, I swear.

And what a ....playful sample of bunnies in the announcement graphic. We're seeing more and more scantily clad glistening models as time goes on, don't you think?
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Shy Bunny

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I think I opened about 50 of them sweatdrop , but here is what I got:

Dusty Pink Dander Bunny Ears
Dark Chocolate Dander Bunny Ears
Olive Dander Bunny Ears
Mint Dander Bunny Ears
Teal Dander Bunny Ears
Lavender Dander Bunny Ears
Orange Dander Bunny Ears
Deep Purple Dander Bunny Ears
Cotton Candy Pink Dander Bunny Ears
Peach Dander Bunny Ears

Black Grunny
Golden Grunny
White Grunny
Lavender Grunny
Light Green Grunny
Pink Grunny

Easter Cherubim's Lavender Wings
Cherubim's Deep Purple Wings
Cherubim's Sea Green Wings
Easter Cherubim's Pink Wings
Easter Cherubim's Lime Green Wings
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Demonic Lover

Those peach seraphim wings are looovely <333
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Manly Pants

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I just got a single 5 pack

Dark Chocolate Dander Bunny Ears
Olive Dander Bunny Ears
Teal Dander Bunny Ears
Peach Dander Bunny Ears
White Grunny

white grunny is pretty cute
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I got olive, orange, and cotton candy dander ears and a few grunny recolors
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I wish they came in the other Grunny Baby colours (red, orange, blue, dark pink, teal) but these are nice.
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Shy Conversationalist

Anybody who can't get into Loyal and wants extras, send me a PM with the item you want. I might have it c:
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Kawaii Warlord

ugh those grunnies look awesome...i can't access the bazzar though and wont be able to in time otherwise i'd buy bundles for sure.

what colour do you like best?
I have more than one of each one
light green, but how much do you want me to pay you in return?
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Precious Vegetarian

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This is so filling my gambling need smile

9 million in the sink and I think more is going there too.

I want all the grunnies
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Bloodthirsty Man-Lover

So far just haven't found all the new cherubim wings recolors, but I'm liking these items. ALL THE BLACK GRUNNIES

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