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I got the following from 3 bundles, might buy more.

- Easter Cheribum Lime Green Wings
- Peach Dander Bunny Ears
- Lavender Dander Bunny Ears (2)
- Light Green Grunny
- Cheribum Sea green wings
- Cheribum Dark Blue wings
- Chocolate dander bunny ears
- Black grunny
- White grunny
- Peach cheribum wings
- olive dander ears
- orange dander ears
- mint dander ears (2)
the pink devil tail should've been THAT pink color.
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*images & links coming soon updating as quickly as I can...

Dander Ears Recolors

User Image User Image
I haven't listed any yet, as I'm still opening some. I think some of the Dander Ears and Cherubim Wings were previously released? Here's my haul so far:
Pink x 3
Light Green
Cherubim's Wings:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Sea Green
Dander Ears:
Cotton Candy Pink x 5
Deep Purple
Dusty Pink
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Black, Pink, Light Green and White Grunny, and Dark Chocolate Dander Bunny Ears o,o
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Opened a bunch razz

White grunny
teal dander bunny ears
easter cherubims pink wings
deep purple dander ears
peach dander ears
black grunny
light green grunny x 2
golden grunny x 3
orange dander ears x 3
dark chocolate dander ears
cotton candy dander ears
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I got little grey wings and a grunny in every color, gold, pink, black, light green, and lilac.
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sooo i bought two of the 5 packs.
i got deep purple dander ears, olive
dander bunny ears, white grunny x 2,
peach dander bunny ears, pink easter
cherubum wings, dusty pink dander
ears, light green grunny, black grunny,
and mint dander bunny ears. o u o
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Wow, I so skipped over the announcement thinking it was cash related.
Now I'm pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. <3
And we can buy in some bulk now? Sweet, time to buy a bunch. emotion_awesome
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gonk my account isn't old enough to get into the bazaar, these all look really awesome ;u;
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Just about to dive in for more of them
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I bought more and got:
Golden Grunny
Easter Cherubim's Lime Green Wings
Peach Dander Bunny Ears
Dusty Pink Dander Bunny Ears
Teal Dander Bunny Ears
Dark Chocolate Dander Bunny Ears
Mint Dander Bunny Ears (oh boy I got a lot of ears)
White Grunny
Light Green Grunny
aaand Deep Purple Dander Bunny Ears
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Magical Cat

gum disease
I won:

Black Grunny
White Grunny x 3
Light Green Grunny (Diedrich colour)
Golden Grunny
Lavender Grunny

So there are Black and White Grunnies surprised

Thank you for posting!
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I got a couple of Cherunbim recolours. Peach, Light blue, dark blue, yellow and lime green. I think this is great!
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If you thought I wasn't going to buy 25 of these things then WHAHAHAHAHA

My results

Orange Dander Bunny Ears
Olive Dander Bunny Ears x3
Teal Dander Bunny Ears x2
Dark Chocolate Dander Bunny Ears x2
Cotton Candy Pink Dander Bunny Ears x3
Peach Dander Bunny Ears
Dusty Pink Dander Bunny Ears
Deep Purple Dander Bunny Ears
White Grunny x3
Golden Grunny x3
Pink Grunny x4
Lavender Grunny

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Kawaii Phantom

So many pastel colored wings! <3

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