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Looks like Loyal has some new recolors. Post what you got here and feel free to discuss how you feel about this Grab Bag/Update.

Quote me if I forgot any item from this Grab Bag.

Kid Jak

EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD deserves a large hug and THANK YOU because you have all been so generous to each other trading and gifting. It is a beautiful thing to see. Keep this up my beloved Gaia Community because you make this place worth staying at. emotion_bigheart heart
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Fluffy Glitch

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Dander Ears Recolors

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Grunny Recolors

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Cherubim Wings Recolors

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
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Not just grunnies, but also wings and ears too.

Anyway, I'm not interest in all three of the items. But happy that there's a goldsink in the event. heart
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The green ones look so cute!
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I cant get into that shop yet but those items are really cute. ;A;
A big thank you to the two anon gifters who gave me the purple pastel grunny and cotton candy dander ears! <3
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Anxious Vampire

i got this
i don't really like the ears but the colour is adorable
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I've opened two bundles and will be opening a few more, but here's what I've gotten so far... ^ w ^
    Black Grunny x3
    Lavender Dander Bunny Ears
    White Grunny
    Cotton Candy Pink Dander Bunny Ears x2
    Pink Grunny
    Light Green Grunny
    Lavender Grunny
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Black Grunny
Light Green Grunny
Lavender Dander Bunny Ears
Black Grunny
Orange Dander Bunny Ears
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I'm going to sink it all.
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I feel the hole in my wallet tearing... These recolors look super cute >.<
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Of all the bunnies, why the grunnies? They aren't that cute and want to attack our head gonk

On a more serious note, is it just more it's supposed to contain some cherubim-sized recolored wings as well as some new recolors of dander ears? Lavender ones? Do want those emotion_kirakira

Edit: And now I got a rainbow of dander ears set whee
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A decent gold sink? I might try a few myself now!
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User ImageOHMYGOD!


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I love it and I will buy a ton because the grunnies look really cute to me. Sure I'll have duplicates.

Got a lot of ears, too, if anyone needs some. I'll get a list up when I'm done playing.

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