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I'm in LOVE with this bundle! heart Food+sweets+clothes is always a good combination.
I might even spend my saved cash in order to get it.
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I'm particularly fond of this bundle as well. Such rich and variety in color. I particularly like Kiwi and Citrus the most as I've been looking for items that have those bright oranges or lime greens.

Guess I'll be saving my gcash for a bit and buying me some items emotion_bigheart
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New Animated Item...after I blew off all my gold. gonk

At least it isn't overly expensive. Other than that, the Items look very nice.
If I had GCash I would buy a bundle, but alas I do not.
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Wheezing Wench

I like the animated candlelight one quite a lot. Probably the first AI that I actually think is genuine great quality. Don't know if I'd be able to use it but I sure like staring at it.

The other items aren't my style at all though. At all. lol
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I am a fan of any item that comes with a hairstyle. redface
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I love this bundle and the candles too. Can't wait to get them.
Love them *.*

Poor Kiwi though he's like the reject judging by his price!

I must have them all~
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gonk Sorry but not so long ago we already had a bundle with frilly, food related dresses and whatnot. I want some nice leather stuff, something cool. We already had the sweetness from the valentines event. I want something bad-@$$ now.
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I love that bundle~ heart
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Fuuu- I wish Flavor de Alpaca was an I AM so badly!
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Those candles are just...so...sweet emotion_kirakira

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I need to have two of this bundle. Time to quest!!!
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I love all but one item. I wish the alpacas weren't in the bundle alone. :/
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Look at that gorgeous layering. Very awesome. boobies!

I want those shorts so hardcore now.

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