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Tangy Citrus Deluxe
Kiwi Chocolate Creme
Berry Mousse Royale
Sweetie Delight
Flavors de Alpaca

NEW!!! Astra XXXIX: Candlelight Embrace

What you guys think about it?~

I LIKE IT! 3nodding

wahmbulance ps. Don't forget to stay on topic, ok. wink
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              i am in serious need of those alpacas! ;w; i love this bundle~ it's the first one i've loved in a long while. emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
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Seems legit.
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It's ok I like Berry Mousse Royal but nothing I am actually willing to buy right now. I love the theme
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I wish the Alpacas had I AM poses, they don't right? D:
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Sweetie Delight looks like it's going to match a certain item. Not that I recall it right now...

Berry Mousse Royale's vest is fantastic! The whole thing is; I might have to keep my eye out for that one.

oh lord! Candlelight looks...so... fabulous! I'm gunna need that 'un too.
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oh my god. ;A; it's great. heart

first bundle in a while I've actually liked ALL of the items.
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A-Alpacas emotion_kirakira

I'm actually pretty happy with this
A lot of nice color options for fairly low amount of cash
Everyone's happy emotion_yatta
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        Now I need to buy this AND the steampunk bundle. There goes my money.
        I LOVE the colors and the theme!
        now if only we could get our R/EI

        Edit: That new Astra is amazing too crying I can see that being useful.
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dios mio i love all those items~ *u*
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Divine Muse

I'm guessing there was an announcement yet again I never got.
I'll go look, I'm sure there are shiny things in it.
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Friiiiick I want them . gonk

I have 260 gc that I've been saving up from doing Cash Tree offers so I just need a little bit more to buy one. Probably going with the kiwi one cuz the colors are awesome.
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Berry Mousse Royale

Berry Mousse Royale!!!!!!!!!

I need it! gonk
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emotion_dowant I have items I want to buy now. Finally I can spend some gold on newer items! *Besidles crepe*
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