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        important notice: please refrain from HATING on me for 'taking winter hue's item list thread' emotion_facepalm
        ok? he himself said he has bio lab class that disabled him from making the list today and said it was okay for anyone to do it emotion_facepalm
        basically i have his approval ok, so chill smile and it's just an item list..it's for all our own good sweatdrop
        CHILL. gonk

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whoohoo! welcome to the love charm iii item list n__n ~

- important links out -

~ working answer key! ~
~ love charm iii: y/n? ~
~ art thread ~
~ get what from who ~
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Muscular Reindeer


~ rig pet ~

User Image
bom bom the bunny

~ items ~

User Image
airship attendant

User Image
barnabas crusade

User Image
bollywood big finish

User Image

User Image
daring diamond

User Image
egomanial cadenza

User Image
floras gift

User Image
fragrant heartbeat

User Image
heartfelt diary

User Image
heart x mind

User Image
highlanders promise

User Image
la belle figura

User Image
mille crepe

User Image
mr ronery

User Image
obvious tourist

User Image
raburabu purikura

User Image
rajkumari velvetine

User Image
sailing deckhand

User Image
sharply dressed gent

User Image
swan boat

User Image
table rage

User Image
tea for two

User Image
vegan vampire

User Image
venus discordia

User Image
viva la mode

User Image
waiting mistress

~ sets ~

User Image
blue plaid luggage

User Image
red plaid luggage

User Image
cheery heart clouds

User Image
lovely heart clouds

User Image
misty heart clouds

User Image
moody heart clouds

User Image
lavender bridesmaid

User Image
periwinkle bridesmaid

User Image
rose bridesmaid

~ dolls ~

User Image
sdplus #363 runcible spoon

User Image
sdplus #364 sainte ciel

User Image
sdplus #365 princess rosamund

User Image
sdplus real s45 biglanky14

User Image
sdplus real s46 siskataya

User Image
sdplus real s47 narumi misuhara

User Image
sdplus real s48 edy

~ recolors ~

User Image
sauvignon blanche

User Image
the rose of fontainebleau

thank you winter hue for alphabetizing the list for me 3nodding
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Going to open my bundle.

Edit: and it is always refreshing for new people to make Rig lists.
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Muscular Reindeer

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Kawaii Striker

I'm excite (I personally wanted a 3rd Love Charm)

edit: and I can unpack them now emotion_dowant

Finally, it's open.

I'll post what I get. ^^;
LOL....OPEN, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart
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Wish I could help, but at the moment no money for a rig. Good luck making this thread a success, can't wait to see the items.
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Woo, thanks for listing Oeuf :3
Hoping for food items / wigs / eyes

Someone seriously dropped the ball on the AC Bundle time though :X
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Good luck Oeuf! I hope/pray for yandere/lolita crap.. please gaia....
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FINALLY! ******** YES!
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There better be some green items... emotion_donotwant
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OMFG Colonel Pepperpot, I'll date you every time! crying

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