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I want to know the frequency ppl are getting items!

poll whore 0.22167487684729 22.2% [ 135 ]
I don't care about frequency 0.080459770114943 8.0% [ 49 ]
I wanna know! 0.58620689655172 58.6% [ 357 ]
poll whore 0.11165845648604 11.2% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 609 ]
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Magical Librarian

NOTE: As this has now left the Shop, I won't be updating it. I'll leave it up, though, in case people want to use it as a resource for when the Super Prize comes out and whatnot ;p

I didn't see one of these, and I know I want one, so... here it is xd

Quote me if you would like a response, please~ <3

My own summary/ analysis of this rig based off of what I've opened (oh so many crying ) and seen here:
So far it seems to be a very lucky rig for some people,others (like myself) have had very limited luck overall with it. This is a very good rig for trying to get some older items, though, as it seems to give a fair amount of things (including pets) from previous rigs. Again, it's a rig, and therefor you are taking your chances anytime you play it.

Good luck!

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Magical Librarian

The Men

User Image
The Warden
Egomaniacal Cadenza x4
White rabbit nurse
Heartful punch
Pale Marionette x2
Gaia Tan
Amethyst Diamond Dog
Heart X Mind x5
Oilstained Conductor
La Bella Figura x4
SDPlus blind box x10
Happy Melody
Mille-Crepe x3
Rajkumari Velvetine
Ikki the Kitsune
Hook's Cruelty
Bibbles x2
Titus the Lion
Cerynitian's Blessing
Yaoi Paddle
Majoko Mariko
Super Unnatural
Nautilus Raiment
Petal Professor Hana
scarlet audio blue rei
Chimi the Chihuahua
Bitter porriage
jet the kitten
Happy Capsule
Carlos the Alpaca
Majoko Mariko
Checkered Nightmare
The Lovers
Mod Geisha
Warden of Hell
SDPlus #272 Majoko Mariko
Cool Bass
Fantasy kitten star

The Sun (Om Nom)
Bad Book
Alligator Scarf
Emperor Penguin

User Image
Mr. Ronery x9
The Director
Justin's Gi
Purple Geist Black Candle
Captain Clarino
Heartfelt Diary x13
Luxurious Queen of Pentacles x2
Dead Parade
evil ki
Militia Stars Navy
Peravian Set
Royal Mariner
Darkened Cello
bubble power transform!
Nikola's Yo-Yo
Defender Pump-actio
Ai no Ka Gangster Brigade
Elegant White Satin Corset

Deluxe Green Flame Shirt
Daring Diamond x2
Brave Octopus
forest fey mask
Red Lizardman

User Image
The Love Song x2
Vasil's Guiding Fire
Highlander's Promise x5
Paradise lost
Barnabas' Crusade x3
Ramune x2
Aeschylus's Order x2
Bollywood Big Finish x4
sauvigon blanche x6
Pebbled Heart
victoire corsair
hawkin's treasure
mikan's slap
little submarine
Silver Sonata
Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
Lava Flow Dress
Hazard Shock Trooper

painted rose

User Image
Principal Mills
Swan Boat x16
Obvious Tourist x12
Halftone Hero
Medical Attention
Table rage x9
bumbo bubba
royal scepter gold
fruit de mer
great old one
Sword Eater's blade
Red Peppermint Bark
Sleepytime Nightmare Pajamas
Mister Giraffiday
Stellar Birth
Animal Cracker Buddies
Kirin Hunter
Overgrown City
The Adumbral Empress
Homemade Sidekick
Lord Volder's Safari Gear
Mlle Butterfly
Condor Dynasty
Pinot Noiress
Kink's Reprise

Cosmosis' Cape
The shy octopus

User Image
The Librarian
Sharply Dressed Gent x7
Zeta Star Mercenary
Aquarium Cathulu
Galahad Of Templar
Apple Rendezvous x2
Moody Heart Clouds x6
Misty Heart Clouds x5
Viva La Mode x7
Lovely Diction x2
Depth of Hades x2
Highwire Veronica
Zorya Polunochnaya
Nation of the Rebellion
Cloud Iridescence
Love Drunk
Royal Crown Blue
Beer Goggles
Tomo's Basket
checkered remorse
la syphide
Lightened Flute
eastern sun and western moon
black cat fleece hat
black neko cosplay
Momotaro no Uta
Dirge of the Deep
Knave of hearts
Rogue Narok
Latrans Trickster
Alpha Centauri
Wild Dawn
Shadowed Dancing Princesses
Witch Grand of Gala
Bone Demon Mask
Eternal Emperor x2
Sherwood Outlaw
erik's masquerade
sassy bass

Rosales' Cape
Blue Plaid Luggage
Red Plaid Luggage
Space Companion
Orangeade Style

User Image
Colonel Praline Pepperpot
Barnabas' Crusade x3
Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
8 Ball Riot
Sailing Deckhand x6
Highlanders Promise x8
Silver Sonata
Bollywood Big Finish x6
Yuki Onna
Mikan's Slap
Nartian Star
Handsome Lech
White Dwarf Prognosticator
Plague Noir
Lady Longshot
Giacamo's Charm
Victoire Corsair
Minotaur Asterion
Rose Guardian
love song

Princess Bird
Blue Plaid Luggage
Little Lemon Lime
Vintage Keg
Deluxe Green Flame Shirt
Forest Fey
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Magical Librarian

The Women

User Image
Flora's Gift x7
Vegan Vampire x12
Victorious Evil Queen
Tea for Two
Medical Attention
Lavish Imports
Mlle Butterfly
Golden Decobot

Blue Plaid Luggage
Baby Murlop
Amethyst Grand Drape
Corona Austrina
Ammo Box
Daring Diamond

User Image
Sheryl Orange
Navy Formal
Fragrant Heartbeat x21
RabuRabu Purikura x10
Lighthammer Dash
Transforming Oil x2
Romantic Dinner
The Bird Bridge
Sword in the Stone
The Amor-ator
Defender Pump-action
Sauvignon Blanche
rampart raiders
Ghostly Hookah
Swirly Naruto
Eerie Goods
Eye of Ganymede
Rose Mechanic
Smooth DJ
Good Witch
Spacefleet Wigs: Second Generation
dreamer's mind
dead parade
jade seafolk
Cosmic Dust
Protective Nightlight
Ai no Ka Gangster Brigade
Babe the Welsh Corgi

Blue plaid luggage x2
Red Plaid Luggage
diamond grand drape
daring diamond x3
White Daruma
Idiot Hair
ebony sewell
Blank Doll

User Image
Rosie Bridesmaid x12
Venus Discordia x4
Waiting Mistress
Periwinkle Bridesmaid x5
Lavender Bridesmaid x4
indigo flutter
Siren shell
Aeschylus's Order
Vasil's Guiding Fire
kokutan the demon cat
Hazard Shock trooper
Plague Noir
chrysanthemum empress
Bleeding Heart

Red Plaid Luggage
deluxe green flame shirt

User Image
Cheery Heart Clouds x9
Beer Goggles
Highwire Veronica x2
Sassy Bass
Violet Trigger
misty heart clouds
lovely heart clouds
Mythrill Coin (250,000 Gold)
royal black crown
Lady Lunar
Airship Attendant x3
Lord Wilhelm
Lightened Flute
Chocaholic Cream Fondue
Waiting Mistress x3
Puppy cosplay
Peyo's Coded Memories
wizards grand gala
Alpha Centauri
lethal yandere
indigo flutters x2
orinkage hurricane
Bone Demon Mask
rainbow neko cosplay
Shadowed Dancing Princesses
Twister the Fire Pheonix
Sleepytime Princess x2
Executioner of Spades
Lady Unicorn
Divided Stars

Daring Diamonds
Tourmaline Grand Drape
Mega Stereo

User Image
Cavalier King Charles
Warmth of Apollo
Heart X Mind x7
rose of versailles
SDPlus #346 Thea the Unicorn Spirit
Pop music cat
dark king
rajkumari velvetine x9
Laced Blessings
reverse panda slippers
SDPlus Box x7
SDPlus #334 Angora the Rabbit Spirit
SOF Tundra
Heartful Punch
Rose of Fontainebleau x5
Flight of the Macaw
Protostar Guardian
Pale Marionette
Nefarious Plumage
Mille Crepe x10
La Bella Figura x8
Dark King
Celestial Emissary
Hollywood Starlet
Blue Rubble Stockings
Overgrown Ruins
Snowy White Lass
Black Swan
Bitter Porridge
Lobo the Gray Wolf
SDPlus #364 Sainte Ciel
Wizard School
Prince Antoine
Flight of the Macaw
Crimson Marionette
Mage school
Jekyll's Morality

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Magical Librarian

Not Sure?

User Image
Harayama the Panda
Interstellar Bounty
The Sandman
Bom Bom The Bunny x3
Heart x Mind x2
Black Swan
Prince of Thieves
Child of Gevaudan
SDPlus Blind Box x5
SDPlus Real S47 Narumi Misuhara
La Bella Figura x2
Rajkumari Velvetine x2
the librarian
mille crepe x8
Egomanial Cadenza x2
Mythril Coin (2,000,000)
crimson marionette
mimpi the sheep
the rose of fountaineblue
Infinite World
Blade of the Night Sky
radio jack
Melchior the Meowl
Egomaniacal Cadenza
carlos the alpaca
Pale Marionette

Daring Diamond
Green Knight

User Image
Bleeding Heart
Giacamo's Charm
Ballad of Orpheus
Flora's Gift x3
Tea for Two x4
Kokutan the Demon Cat
lady longshot
venus discordia x4
rose guardian
msxxx-01w gunguy x2
Dangerous Denim

Emerald Grand Drape
Twinkle The Space Goat
Red Plaid Luggage x3
Sleepytime BunBun Bed
Blue Plaid Luggage
Daring Diamond
Chrysanthemum Empress
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Magical Librarian

please feel free what you got, from whom, win/ lose, and frequency ^_^
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Magical Librarian

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Sweet Lover

16,300 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Pie For All! 300
  • Survivor 150
I got Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
From Pepperpot success. 3nodding
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Magical Librarian

I got Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
From Pepperpot success. 3nodding
ty ^^
BuckyKattLove's avatar

Friendly Grabber

10,950 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Invisibility 100
  • Forum Dabbler 200
Success with O.Renji gave me Mr. Ronery
JustDanceCP's avatar

Friendly Informer

How come no one is posting here? crying

From O. Renji I got Mr. Ronery
Delsago's avatar

Sparkly Vampire

8,750 Points
  • Team Edward 100
  • Team Jacob 100
  • Alchemy Level 2 100
Victory with Sheryl Orange

got a Navy Formal crying
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Magical Librarian

thanks you guys ^_^ *updated everything xd *
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Sparkly Genius

15,850 Points
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Nerd 50
  • Befriended 100
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Magical Librarian

Baine - Win - The Love Song emotion_kirakira

he likes you ;p
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Magical Librarian

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